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Bill Johnson (September-11-2021) Watch Full Sermon: A Baptism of Courage. Do you need courage? Bill Johnson exhorts us to press in for a baptism of courage in this season. Courage is vital as we co-labor with God through prayer, and walk with wisdom and understanding in these times.
Bill Johnson (September-10-2021) Watch Sermon: The Holy Spirit Is In You
Bill Johnson (September-09-2021) Watch Sermon: The Gift of Hunger
Bill Johnson (September-07-2021) Watch Sermon: Supernatural Sleep
Bill Johnson (September-03-2021) Watch Full Sermon: Pray Without Ceasing. What did Jesus mean when he said to pray without ceasing? Bill Johnson teaches from multiple stories about the significance of praying at all times. The true substance of prayer is our relationship with God increasing, everything else is icing on…
Bill Johnson (September-03-2021) Watch Sermon: Presence of God
Bill Johnson (August-31-2021) Watch Message: Jesus is Perfect Theology Bill Johnson and Bethel Associate Pastor and Dean of BSSM Dann Farrelly discuss Bill's belief that Jesus Christ is Perfect Theology. Jesus Christ is perfect theology. What does that mean? Jesus is the perfect manifestation and representation of the Father God…
Bill Johnson (August-31-2021) Watch Sermon: Joy
Bill Johnson (August-28-2021) Watch Sermon: God will make all things new for you!
Bill Johnson (August-27-2021) Watch Full Sermon: When Giants Become Bread. Can the giants in our lives become bread? Bill Johnson shares from Psalm 23: 6 and other key scriptures where God promises to nourish us in the presence of our enemies. The giants in our lives will become our bread…
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