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Bill Johnson - Watch Full Sermon: The Mind Trained by Faith. The renewed mind is trained by faith. A renewed mind illustrates, demonstrates, manifests, and proves the will of God, which is Heaven on earth. Bill Johnson delivers an impactful sermon about the significance and purpose of the renewed mind. As we yield to God's way of thinking, we will display the heart and mind of God.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Preaching and Faith. Bill Johnson and Bethel Associate Pastor and Dean of BSSM Dann Farrelly discuss Preaching and Faith.

Bill Johnson (October-29-2021) Watch Full Sermon: A War Over Words. There is a war over our words. Bill Johnson breaks down Paul’s letter to Timothy to encourage us that there is a war for our words. We have to take what God says and use prophesy as weapons of warfare.

Bill Johnson - Watch Full Sermon: When in War, Create. How is creativity and artistic expression relevant in a time of war? Bill Johnson teaches from Zechariah 1, and shares the importance of creative expression in times of conflict and uncertainty. God’s design is that authentic creativity and divine wisdom would be the tools that disarm the powers of darkness in this season.

Bill Johnson & Libby Gordon - Watch Message: Grabbing Hold of Fresh Faith. In a conversation with Libby Gordon, Bill Johnson discusses how living under an open Heaven is meant to be a way of life for every believer. When we live aware of what the Lord has gifted to us and keep our hearts anchored in His presence, our access to Him becomes unlimited.

Bill Johnson (October-08-2021) Watch Full Sermon: Return to First Love. In this sermon, Bill Johnson exhorts us to return to our first love, teaching from Revelation 2 on the church of Ephesus who operated in great spiritual authority, but lost their passion. God is reducing us to the simplicity of devotion to Christ, because that’s where our strength is. Bill leads into an encounter with Jesus by encouraging us to return to our first love.

Bill Johnson & Larry Sparks (October-05-2021) Watch Open Heavens: Encountering the God of Revival. How do you position yourself to encounter the God of revival? Join Bill Johnson and Larry Sparks as they discuss Bill's new book on revival, Open Heavens. Revival is to be the normal Christian life.

Bill Johnson (October-01-2021) Watch Sermon: The Power of the Gospel. Bill Johnson reminds us that the gospel was never meant to be demonstrated in word only, but it is the power of God for deliverance, healing, and forgiveness of sin. Jesus set the standard for us when He told the disciples to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cleanse the lepers. Miracles are for the purpose of confirming the Word of God, because the action always illustrates the Word. Bill's message follows a time of praying for the sick, specifically those with head injuries, brain trauma, other neurological disorders, and cancer.

Bill Johnson (September-29-2021) Watch Open Heavens 2021 | Day 1 Live Preview - Bethel Church, At Open Heavens 2021, we will encounter the life-altering Presence of God together, gaining fresh vision, renewed hope, and revived passion for a world in need of Jesus’ love and power. One encounter changes everything, from your workplace, to your city, to your nation, to the globe. Come be transformed, empowered, and equipped to be a living encounter.

Bill Johnson (September-28-2021) Watch Message: The Gospel and the Cross. Bill Johnson and Bethel Associate Pastor and Dean of BSSM Dann Farrelly discuss what Bethel Church believes about The Gospel and the power of The Cross. Bethel has adjusted their church services over the years so that people could come to know Jesus and receive ministry.

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