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Bill Johnson (August-03-2021) Watch Message: A Significant Life Encounter. Pastor Bill shares about an encounter he had with the Lord in May of 1979 while reading Isaiah chapter 60, Arise & Shine. This experience impacted him deeply and has affected every day of his life since.
Bill Johnson (July-30-2021) Watch Full Sermon: The Gate of Heaven. God’s design is for us to be a house on the edge of two worlds; heaven, and earth. Bill Johnson shares from Genesis 28 on Jacob’s dream of the house of God, and how Jesus is the prototype of the…
Bill Johnson (July-29-2021) Watch Sermon: Worry will not solve your problem - God will
Bill Johnson (July-26-2021) Watch Q&A: Leading in a Prophetic Culture. In this Q&A, Bill and Eric Johnson discuss the value of prophetic ministry, and how to practically lead and make decisions in a prophetic culture.
Bill Johnson (July-23-2021) Watch Full Sermon: The Mountain of Unbelief. Bill Johnson delivers a cornerstone message about faith, power, and authority. As we steward a soft heart towards God's Word and allow Him to deal with unbelief, we will become strong in our faith and walk in great authority.
BILL JOHNSON (July-21-2021) Five-Fold Ministry: Is Bill Johnson an Apostle? Is Bill Johnson an Apostle? Are Apostles for today? Watch as Bethel Senior Leader Bill Johnson and Bethel Associate Pastor and Dean of BSSM Dann Farrelly discuss the Five-Fold Ministry and how it is active and moving in the Church…
Bill Johnson (July-19-2021) Watch Message: My Favorite Revivalists. Bill Johnson shares about his favorite revivalists in history, and the common values in their lives. Joy is a consistent theme, and is to be our source of strength as we partner with Holy Spirit to see His Kingdom come today.
Bill Johnson (July-16-2021) Watch Full Sermon: Waiting on God. What does it mean to wait on God? Bill Johnson speaks to us about how waiting on God refines our focus and increases our anticipation to see what He is doing through us. Waiting on God is not inactivity.
Bill Johnson Watch Q&A - Growing in Breakthrough for Specific Miracles. Bill Johnson shares about how to contend for miracles and breakthrough in areas we have not yet seen.
Bill Johnson (July-09-2021) Watch Full Sermon: Aligning Ourselves with God. In this sermon, Pastor Bill shares about our lives as disciples of Jesus and the invitation we have to a relational journey of abandonment and trust. As sons and daughters, like Jesus, we embrace the Cross, knowing our Heavenly Father…
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