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Monday, 11 April 2022 09:35

What Lies Are You Believing? - Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: What Lies Are You Believing? What lies are you believing? Bill Johnson challenges us to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. When things are uncertain, what will we choose to believe - will we let fear dictate our thoughts, or will we carefully guard our hearts and minds and walk in the peace of God, with constant awareness of His goodness?

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Communion: The Meal of Absolute Victory.

Join Bill Johnson for a time of communion. Communion is the meal of absolute victory; Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross was more than enough to bring healing to our bodies and freedom from sin. Jesus commanded us to take communion in remembrance of Him that we would continually live aware of the victory we walk in.

Bill Johnson & Libby Gordon - Watch Open Heavens Q&A (Part 1)

Open Heavens | Living Under an Open Heaven: Part One | Bethel.TV

In Part One of this two-part interview, Bill Johnson explains the most crucial key to living under an open Heaven: staying connected to the manifest presence of Jesus. When we learn to value His presence individually, it becomes a corporate anointing. The goal is to live fully aware of Him at all times.

Pastor Bill's newest e-course "Open Heavens" dives deeper into this topic and teaches you practical keys and biblical insights for releasing God's transformational power in our world today. Learn more at bit.ly/openheavenscourse.

Monday, 04 April 2022 08:34

The Issue of Trust - Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: The Issue of Trust. How we respond in difficult times reveals where our trust lies. In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson teaches on the importance of taking every thought captive, and how to take down negative strongholds in our hearts and minds. As we choose trust in God and let those strongholds be pulled down, we will experience new levels of authority in prayer and be people who can bring hope and freedom to others.

Bill Johnson - Watch Full Sermon: Finding Our Design and Purpose. Do you know what your purpose is? In this full sermon, Bill Johnson shares from Jesus’ words on our role as salt and light in culture, and what it practically looks like to be salt and light. As we stay connected to God’s heart and His purposes and plans, the Kingdom of Heaven works through us like leaven to impact our families and communities. Our purpose and design is found in co-laboring with God to see His goodness touch every aspect of society.

Friday, 25 March 2022 02:08

Salt Of The Earth (Extended) - Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Salt Of The Earth (Extended)

Open Heavens | Watch Instagram Live With Bill Johnson & Libby Gordon. Recently, Bill Johnson sat down with our team to talk about what it looks like to live under an open Heaven. The Holy Spirit moving in our lives shouldn't be an anomaly—it should be an everyday occurrence. Revival must be a normal part of a believer's life. We cannot settle for a life lived without miracles, signs, and wonders.

Wednesday, 23 March 2022 01:02

Salt Of The Earth - Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson - Watch Message: Salt Of The Earth

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Seeing the Eyes of a Loving Father.

Seeing the eyes of a loving Father changes everything. Bill Johnson teaches from 2 Chronicles 7: 14 about the call of God on His people to “Seek My face”. Turning to God and His face automatically means turning away from everything else. It’s in His eyes that we encounter His incredible love and heart towards us, which will affect the way in which we see the circumstances in our lives.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Can We Trust God With Our Desires? God knows your heart, and you can trust Him with Your desires. In this short clip, Bill Johnson shares examples from his own life of how God has cared for and rewarded him. As you steward your heart to desire the things of God and put Him first, you will be delightfully surprised as God fulfills other desires in your heart. He is a good Father.

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