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Bill Johnson - Dreaming God's Dreams | Bethel Church

God gives us blessings for the purpose of revealing His love to us, and in doing so, that our affections would continually be drawn to Him.

“When God puts blessing in my life, if it does not endear me to him, then that blessing ends for me in that moment. But when it endears me to Him, when I see it as coming from His hand and favor in my life, my affection for Him increases, and my devotion for him becomes more refined and focused. What happens is I am drawn to Him from the blessing, and now the blessing can continue to increase.” - Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson - Our Weapon Against Obstacles, Bethel Church. “God has announced to you your purpose and your destiny, but it is not guaranteed. It is only accomplished by the ache of the heart that causes me like a Hannah to cry out for a child when I am barren. She had this burden in her heart for a child that caused her to lose all sense of public demeanor. So she took out of her own heart and soul this passion that become like a sword, and this obstacle of barrenness was sleign as she met with God who announced over her that she would have a son.” - Bill Johnson | When we burn with passion for what God has placed in us, it becomes our weapon against all obstacles.

Bill Johnson - Repaying Evil with Kindness, Bethel Church. “Our authority has been given to the benefit of people not for their destruction” -Bill Johnson If we refuse to vindicate ourselves and stand as an encourager to someone else than God can “come with wrath” to discipline that person. If we take it upon ourselves to discipline somebody to vindicate ourselves we have misused the authority God has given us.

Protect the Dove (Heaven Come) - Bill Johnson

Easter Altar Call - Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson - Abiding in the Vine. Bill Johnson teaches the importance staying connected to God and that some fruit we bear comes from a result of connection not effort.

Bill Johnson - Jesus Culture Encounter Conference

Victory in Relationships - Bill Johnson. We can have victory in the relationships around us when we can learn how to navigate our disaspointments and losses along with our victories.

Reigning in Life - Bill Johnson. God has called us to reign in life! "Reigning in life is one of the vital things that illustrates a relationship with Jesus that would call others to him." -Bill Johnson

School of Healing Recap - Bill Johnson Ministries online. Bill Johnson recaps his experience from School of Healing 2018.

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