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Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Salt: Adding Flavor to Our World. What does it mean to be the salt of the earth, and how do we maintain “saltiness”? In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson shares from Jesus’ famous words in Matthew 5: “You are the salt of the earth”. Salt enhances flavor, and as we stay connected to God’s heart and purpose for our families and communities, we will add value to the lives of those around us and see His Kingdom “worked in” and established everywhere we go.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Is Fear Misplaced Worship? Fear keeps us from functioning in our design. In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson teaches on God’s desire to co-labor with us, and the ways that fear keeps us from this. Fear is misplaced worship, and it is up to us to choose what we set our hearts affection on.

Bill Johnson - Watch Full Sermon: Who Do You Think You Are? Do you know who God says you are? Bill Johnson shares a powerful message on the importance of living by the words God speaks and finding our identity in Him. The enemy will always try to cause us to question who we are and what God has said, but we will see great breakthroughs and our purpose fulfilled as we confidently stand firm in the words God has spoken to us. Our lives are defined by who He says we are, and the words He has spoken to us.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: You Were Born for Connection With God. You were born to live in seamless connection with God Himself. It has always been His design and desire to fill you with His glory and co-labor with you to see His Kingdom fill the earth. In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson teaches on the priesthood of every believer and God’s heart for seamless connection with yielded sons and daughters.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Impressive Problems Versus Impressive Promises. Your future is defined by God’s promises. In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson teaches on the importance of staying focused on the promises of God and not giving in to fear. Sharing examples from Joshua and Caleb’s expedition into the promised land, Bill exhorts us to remain faithful to the promises of God and face our giants with confidence, drawing courage from what God has said. Our problems our not impressive when compared to the promises of God over our lives.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Praising in Painful Times. How important is praise? In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson shares a powerful revelation he received from an encounter with God in Isaiah 60. He gives us insight into the power of our words and attitude of our heart and the effect they can have in crisis, challenge and triumph.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: You Are Designed For Answers to Prayer. You were designed for answers to prayer, but what do you do when you don’t see your prayers answered in the way you hoped for? Bill Johnson teaches from John 14-16, and Jesus’ words “Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full.”; answered prayer and joy are connected. Bill shares examples from the disciples time with Jesus, and how they drew near to Him when they did not see a miracle happen that they were contending for. We can be confident that we were designed for answered prayer, as we co-labor with God and yield our lives to Him.

Bill Johnson & Larry Sparks - Watch Q&A: Understanding Manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Are physical manifestations of the Holy Spirit offensive to you, or do you find it hard to tell if a manifestation is of the Holy Spirit or not? Bill Johnson and Larry Sparks discuss unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and the ultimate goal of seeing the Kingdom of God impacting and transforming lives around us.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Where Do Power and Authority Come From? Where do power and authority come from? In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson teaches from the Gospels and Jesus’ example of walking in power and authority. As believers, we are called and commissioned to walk in both power and authority.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Why the Resurrection? Every part of our relationship with the Holy Spirit is about discovering and manifesting the resurrected Christ. In this Easter Sunday sermon, Bill Johnson walks us through Mark 16 and the events that took place following Jesus’ Resurrection. How we hear and respond to Jesus’ words will impact how His Resurrection manifests in and through us.

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