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Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Feasting on Giants,. Are you facing something difficult right now? Do you know that the Lord has prepared a feast for you, right here in this moment? Bill Johnson teaches from Psalm 23, and the promise of the Lord to “prepare a table for us in the Presence of our enemies”. God does not cause the hard things we face, but He has a way to turn it around to where it becomes a feast and a place of intimacy and communion with Him.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Knowing God Through Encounter. Every miracle you see is an invitation to an ongoing encounter. Jesus never scolded anyone who came to Him for a miracle. Valuing the testimony of what God has done reveals His nature and His heart to do it again, and leads us deeper into knowing and encountering Him.

Bill Johnson - Watch Full Sermon: Rewards and Motives. What is your motive for following Christ? In this full sermon, Bill Johnson brings us back to the simplicity of devotion to Christ and following Him. When the rich young ruler came to Jesus, Jesus didn’t entice Him with the rewards and blessings that would come, but He spoke straight to the young rulers heart. There is blessing and reward that comes as we follow Christ, but that must not be what motivates us. The foundation of our faith must be built upon a simple devotion and desire to be in relationship with Him.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Light Always Dispels Darkness. You are the light of the world, you are a city set on a hill. Bill Johnson teaches from Matthew 5 and the significance of the light that God has put in us. Bill also shares a significant personal encounter he had with the Lord as he read Isaiah 60 many years ago. Light always dispels darkness, and it is God’s intention that His light would shine through us to bring peace and clarity to our communities and beyond.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: How to Rediscover Your First Love. In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson exhorts us to rediscover our first love, and the simplicity of our devotion to Christ. Whether you have drifted from Christ, or you feel a fresh hunger stirring in you, this message will draw you deeper into surrender and the refining fire of Christ, abandoning all for the sake of His glory and Presence in and upon you.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Is Your Heart Healthy? How do you keep your heart healthy? Proverbs 4: 23 says “Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.” Bill Johnson believes that a key to heart health is to pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5: 17). In this sermon clip, Bill teaches about the significance of prayer and praying without ceasing, and the impact it has on our lives and the situations we face.

Bill Johnson - Watch Full Sermon: Spiritual Warfare 101. How do you engage in spiritual warfare? In this full sermon, Bill Johnson teaches from 2 Chronicles 20, and draws keys from Jehoshaphat’s prayer and the way in which the Israelites positioned themselves ready for battle. In our case, we are not warring against other people or nations, but against spiritual principalities and powers, who are no match for our God! Be encouraged as you listen and know that you are equipped to win!

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Hearing God's Voice Through Other People. Do you hear God’s voice through other people? Bill Johnson shares on the importance of community when listening for God’s voice. It is important that we hear from God for ourselves, but sometimes God chooses to speak through those around us. We must be ready with soft hearts to hear God’s voice in the many different ways He is speaking.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Salt: Adding Flavor to Our World. What does it mean to be the salt of the earth, and how do we maintain “saltiness”? In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson shares from Jesus’ famous words in Matthew 5: “You are the salt of the earth”. Salt enhances flavor, and as we stay connected to God’s heart and purpose for our families and communities, we will add value to the lives of those around us and see His Kingdom “worked in” and established everywhere we go.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Is Fear Misplaced Worship? Fear keeps us from functioning in our design. In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson teaches on God’s desire to co-labor with us, and the ways that fear keeps us from this. Fear is misplaced worship, and it is up to us to choose what we set our hearts affection on.

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