Seminars and Sermons of Kent Hovind 2023

Kent Hovind - Making Babies!!! Barnacles.

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Kent Hovind - Watch Sermon: Contradictions in the Bible?
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Seminars and Sermons of Kent Hovind 2023


Whenever God calls a man, He lives that man with a certain dimension of discomfort. At times, we do not understand but these things are the prove of our calling. Kent Hovind is one of a kind in our generation with his numerous teachings on creation and the evolution theory. Many who do not understand his calling and his concept of explaining things do call him a controversial preacher but to us, Kent Hovind is one of the mighty generals of God in our time. Hovind established Creation Science Evangelism (CSE) in 1989 and Dinosaur Adventure Land in 2001 in Pensacola, Florida. He frequently spoke on Young Earth creationism in schools, churches, debates, and on radio and television broadcasts. Dinosaur Adventure Land is run by Creation Science Evangelism Ministries Inc. with Dr. Kent Hovind as the president.

Dr. Kent Hovind is a strong believer that, Dinosaur once lived with me and these brought about the idea of creating the Dinosaur Adventure Land where animals are given a home. The teachings of Kent Hovind seeks to understand every question on Creation. The different theories on creation may have seem to make Creation of the universe very complicated to understand. One may ask, what is your story on creation? Well, with Kent Hovind, the Bible is explored and the voice of God is heard even as he unearths the council of God on the creation of the universe.


Kent Hovind also know for deep exploration and comprehensive teachings of various subjects of core importance in the Bible. The believers growth in the Word and the fullness of God is very important in this end-times. Kent Hovind has conducted a series of Bible teaching throughout the New Testament in videos and audio form for the exhortation and Growth of the Church and people all over the world. Bible study with Kent Hovind has been proven to be fruitful as many who follow his Teachings are making an impact in society.

Kent Hovind is a great Preacher of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The more he Teaches, the more he preaches. However, did you know you could have access to these sermons and teachings by Kent Hovind? Get in touch with and experience the beauty of God's Love as we bring you every latest sermon and teaching by Kent Hovind.


These are the questions we will be asking over the next several weeks: what does the Bible predict about the end of the world - the last days - what is known as eschatology (last things). This is a big (and complex) subject and the sermons and teachings by Kent Hovind tries to cover all of it, or share all the different views on this, join Kent Hovind as he touch on the big subjects that most of us think of when we think of the last days in the sermons and teachings. How well do you understand the following ;

  • The tribulation
  • The antichrist
  • The rapture of the Church
  • The second coming of Jesus Christ
  • The millennium
  • And the great judgment day and eternal kingdom of Christ
  • Keeping watching the sermons and teachings by Kent Hovind everyday for a victorious life.


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