Entire Book of Romans Read by Ray Comfort (NKJV)

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Monday, 23 January 2023 23:53

Watch Entire Book of Romans Read by Ray Comfort (NKJV), Enjoy this video of Ray Comfort reading the entire book of Romans with beautiful videos of God’s creation running in the background. This is a unique audiobook version of the book of Romans that is great for listening during sleep or meditation.

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Entire Book of Romans Read by Ray Comfort (NKJV)
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  • Comment Link Kevin Sunday, 19 February 2023 17:27 posted by Kevin

    I would slow down when you read. It sounds like you have somewhere to go and are in a hurry. Are you reading to get it done and mark off a check box or are you reading to help someone come to God and have the Holy Spirit work in them? I have heard others read on youtube and they are a lot slower paced. When listening to the bible I try and meditate and listen to what is being said and for it to touch my spirit. This was too fast for me but I thank you for making it.

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Raymond "Ray" Comfort (1949–), also known as Banana Man, is an amazing mustache attached to a Protestant Christian author, video producer, street preacher, and liar for Jesus.

Comfort is a young Earth creationist and opposes the theory of evolution. His arguments for a young Earth are entirely unfounded in science, demonstrate basic misunderstandings of both evolution and science in general, and often aren't even based on reality. For ...

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