The #1 reason evolution is impossible - Living Waters

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Tuesday, 22 February 2022 09:31

Watch Living Waters - The #1 reason evolution is impossible. There is one fatal flaw in the evolutionary worldview: the second law of thermodynamics. If everything over time gets worse, and not better, evolution is completely false. Ray Comfort expounds this and then talks with college students who believe in evolution and shares the gospel with them.

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The #1 reason evolution is impossible - Living Waters
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Ray Comfort

Raymond "Ray" Comfort (1949–), also known as Banana Man, is an amazing mustache attached to a Protestant Christian author, video producer, street preacher, and liar for Jesus.

Comfort is a young Earth creationist and opposes the theory of evolution. His arguments for a young Earth are entirely unfounded in science, demonstrate basic misunderstandings of both evolution and science in general, and often aren't even based on reality. For ...

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