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Monday, 21 November 2022 11:35

Living Waters - Watch His Wife’s Amazing Reaction. Ray Comfort talks with a man named Angel and shares the gospel with him. Near the end, Angel ends up being very receptive to the message, causing his wife, listening from behind, to give a very heartwarming reaction. Sharing the gospel has its challenges, but today was the fruit of Angel's wife's many prayers. We hope you are both encouraged and excited to get out there and share the gospel after watching this video.

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Watch His Wife’s Amazing Reaction - Living Waters
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Ray Comfort

Raymond "Ray" Comfort (1949–), also known as Banana Man, is an amazing mustache attached to a Protestant Christian author, video producer, street preacher, and liar for Jesus.

Comfort is a young Earth creationist and opposes the theory of evolution. His arguments for a young Earth are entirely unfounded in science, demonstrate basic misunderstandings of both evolution and science in general, and often aren't even based on reality. For ...

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