Sermons by Pastor Michael Todd 2023

Cuffed to Convenience // Cuffing Season (Part 3) - Michael Todd, Sunday Sermon. In week three of Cuffing Season, we learn that this is a series of alignment. If you want what God has aligned for you, you may have to give up convenience. This week, Pastor Mike brings a…

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Michael Todd - Watch Sermon: You Need to Prepare for Your Blessing. On Transformation Church's sermon series, Crazyer Faith, Pastor Michael Todd teaches on preparing for your blessing. Listen as he teaches how to not let distraction keep you from discernment.
Join Transformation church Sunday service at 11 AM with Michael Todd, Live Stream January-29-2023 It is indeed a bless to have a fellowship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and indeed the Lord reigns. Michael Todd is one of the great young men of…
Cuffed to Comfort // Cuffing Season Part 2 - Michael Todd. Deliverance is God’s desire for our lives, but it has to be our decision. He won’t make us choose to follow His calling. Do you want what God has for you? You may have to get uncomfortable. This week,…
Michael Todd - Watch Sermon: Distractions Jeopardize Discernment. On Transformation Church's sermon series, Crazyer Faith, Pastor Michael Todd teaches that distractions jeopardize discernment. Listen as he teaches how to not get so distracted by your blessings that you forget who gave them to you.
I Will Not Be KingDUMB - Michael Todd Sunday Sermon | January-22-2023. We kicked off the very first Kingdom Sermon Series entitled, I Will Not Be KingDUMB. Today, we learned that God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, which translates in Hebrew, to ‘light’ (Hosea 4:6 KJV). When we…
Michael Todd (January-29-2023) Sunday SermonThere are many links to Michael Todd’s sermons in our site catalog. We monitor weekly updates of the Transformation Church YouTube channel and spread new sermons by Michael Todd on social networks, so that as many people as possible will enter their calling. Key fragments of…
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Sermons by Pastor Michael Todd 2023

Michael Todd Sermons 2023

The Michael Todd sermons is a simple Bible-based message for people of any age and education. In his sermons there are no manipulations in the financial themes, there are no promises of lifetime wealth and exceptional well-being. But his sermons are prompting to act and serve God in any place at any time.
Michael Todd believes that his task - to connect people with God, to support them to enter into their calling and to accomplish what they are for. Because we are all marked by God and anointed. The main thing is to firmly go to your goal without getting lost, because if the enemy cannot destroy us, he will distract us. But God constantly speaks to us and all we need - to concentrate on what God intended us. God does not judge us by education, not by the number of zeros on the bills, not by any other criteria. God looks at the heart of man and it is beautiful. Because God does not care about the problems through which man has passed, but what is in the heart of man.

According to Michael Todd, even if you fell and you do not know whether to rise. Get up because the battle is not over yet. And there will still be many punches in life, and we as believers should be ready and should learn to stand for our mission from God. Many pastors preach in an exceptionally positive light, but you need to be strong in order not to give up when someone wants to come and put out all of your beginnings in the service of God. God calls us to life, to active life. God approved of us and He does not care whether people approve of us. And there is nothing better than being with God and serving Him there and in the way He intended us. To serve people with pure heart and not to ask anything in return. Because if you do not manifest the light below, you won't longer have the opportunity to manifest everything being somewhere at the top of society.
In his preaching Michael Todd calls us to change the world where we are. We must be light in darkness where we are every day of our life. At school, at home, in our positions, wherever we are. And every time we have to ask God what he wants us to do. We must rely on God even if everything seems impossible to us. And with this trust we must go and do everything that is necessary. And if you have not received an answer from God about your calling, do what God has told you - spend time in the presence of God as often as possible. And then God is guaranteed to send you where you are needed, send for you, or will use any other way. Be obedient to God and get rid of what torments other people. And then you will see how life changes around you.

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