Michael Todd

Michael Todd - Sermon April-15-2019 - Pray with Fire

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Michael Todd - Sermon April-15-2019 - Pray with Fire

Michael Todd - Sunday Sermon: Pray with Fire.

Michael Todd of Transformation Church joins us to explore the idea that to live a life of purity, we need the weapon of prayer. Just as our phones need a charger, we need our power source—prayer. But we don’t just want to pray drive-by prayers—throwing up wish lists to God when we feel like it. Instead, we’re building a daily discipline of praying. We’re challenging ourselves to resist temptation and fight for purity by pursuing God.

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Pastors Michael and Natalie Todd are the Lead Pastors of Transformation Church based in Tulsa, OK since February 2015. They were entrusted with Transformation Church from the founding pastor, Bishop Gary McIntosh, after 15 years of operation. Their personal philosophy and driving passion is re-presenting God to the lost and found for transformation in Christ. They aspire to reach their community, city and world with the gospel presented in a relevant and progressive way. They’ve been married ...

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