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Joel Osteen (August-14-2022) Watch Sunday Sermon: Freedom in the Fire. Sometimes we might feel alone in the middle of difficult circumstances, but the reality is that God is with us. He will use those times of fire to help us grow and unlock the gifts and talents that were inside…
John MacArthur - Sunday Sermon: Jesus: The Divine Word
John MacArthur - Watch Sunday Sermon - Remembering All His Benefits
Watch Steven Furtick: Sunday Sermon - It's Your Door. How are you defending what God gave you? In “It’s Your Door,” Pastor Steven teaches us the importance of putting practices in place that will guard our hearts when the enemy attacks.
Joel Osteen - Sunday Sermon: Believing Without A Sign. There will be times when where God is taking you is going to require you to believe without a sign. You may not see any evidence yet, but you can trust that God is at work behind the scenes.
Joel Osteen - Sunday Sermon: Dealing With Negative Thoughts. Our thoughts can either limit or empower us. When you stay focused on God’s promises, you will be empowered to reach your God-given destiny!
Matt Hagee - Watch Sunday Sermon: "It's About Time". The world is filled with information about what to do with our time. We are saturated with distractions, and yet we measure the quality of our day based on how we spent our time. The one thing that is constantly being…
John MacArthur - Watch Sunday Sermon: Our Great Savior, Part 1
Watch Tony Evans - Hear from Tony's Heart | Kindness in the Culture. Be a part of the dynamic new initiative by Dr. Tony Evans which is spreading an atmosphere of hope across our nation. Replace hurtful speech with helpful speech. Choose honor over hate. Basically, DO what God says:…
Watch Steven Furtick (May-22-2022) Sunday Sermon: My Future Is My Focus. They tried to harm you, but God… In “My Future Is My Focus,” we learn to stop fixating on our past hurts, and instead, focus on how God can work them into the future He has for us.
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