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Steven Furtick (August-16-2020) Sunday Sermon: I’m Not What I Thought. People don’t always see who you really are. In fact, they’re quick to slap a label on you. In “I’m Not What I Thought,” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reminds us that we’re more than we thought – we’re…
Joel Osteen - Sermon: Mix Your Faith. If you want to see God’s promises fulfilled in your life, you have to mix them with a special ingredient. When you add your faith to what He said, you activate the power of His promise.
Joel Osteen - Sermon: Remember What God Said. When you’re under pressure, you have to pay attention to what you allow to play in your mind. Instead of dwelling on the negative thoughts, go back to what God said. What He promised will come to pass.
Bishop TD Jakes - Sermon: The Power of Agreement. Scripture: Hebrews 11:8-12 (KJV). When God makes a promise, the pathway won’t always be clear. Even with legitimate reasons to be concerned, you must come into agreement with God. Agreements don’t come easy —they require focus, commitment, and process. But you…
Joel Osteen - Sermon: Special Strength Is Coming. You may feel weary today, but the good news is, strength is coming. When you’re weak, God is strong. He has the supernatural strength you need to reach your destiny.
Bishop TD Jakes - Sermon: El Roi: God Sees Me. Are you feeling unseen, in an unchanging season? There's something you need to know: God sees you. In your weak place, God sees you. When others look past you, God sees you. When you feel hopeless, empty, and stuck, God…
Joel Osteen - Sermon: Trusting When You Don’t Understand. We're not always going to understand everything that happens in our lives. But just because it doesn't make sense doesn't mean God isn't working. You may not see it yet, but He's going to work everything out in your favor.
Watch Victoria Osteen - Sermon: God's Love For You Is Unconditional. God doesn’t wait until we're perfect to approve of us. His love is unconditional, which means you can’t work for it; you can only receive it.
Joel Osteen - Sermon: The Secret to Solving Problems. Sometimes the key to your breakthrough lies in helping someone else reach theirs. When you bless others, God will make sure to bless you.
Tim Dilena - Times Square Church (July-06-2020) Sunday Sermon: A New Season
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