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Michael Todd

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Sermon: Don't Settle for the Replica - Michael Todd // Release (Part 2)


Michael Todd - Sunday Sermon: 2019 Vision // Release (Part 1)


The Michael Todd sermons is a simple Bible-based message for people of any age and education. In his sermons there are no manipulations in the financial themes, there are no promises of lifetime wealth and exceptional well-being. But his sermons are prompting to act and serve God in any place at any time.
Michael Todd believes that his task - to connect people with God, to support them to enter into their calling and to accomplish what they are for. Because we are all marked by God and anointed. The main thing is to firmly go to your goal without getting lost, because if the enemy cannot destroy us, he will distract us. But God constantly speaks to us and all we need - to concentrate on what God intended us. God does not judge us by education, not by the number of zeros on the bills, not by any other criteria. God looks at the heart of man and it is beautiful. Because God does not care about the problems through which man has passed, but what is in the heart of man.

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