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"If God Created Us Then Who Created God" - Best Answer

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"If God Created Us Then Who Created God" - Best Answer

Motivation - "If God Created Us Then Who Created God" - Best Answer.

One of the most recurring questions that creationists usually get by atheists is: "If God Created the Universe Then who Created God or Where did God Come From?". Is it possible to answer this or is the question inherently flawed?  Speakers: 1. S.M. Lockridge 2. John Lennox 3. Greg Boyd 4. William Lane Craig 5. J. Warner Wallace 6. Kent Hovind

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Kent E. Hovind (or, use his full academic title Kent E. Hovind, inmate) is a young Earth creationist, promoter of imminent millennialism, and convicted felon. Hovind promotes young Earth creationist and Christian dominionist views in lectures and videos sold or publicized through his Creation Science Evangelism organization (despite having no legitimate degree). Hovind created The Hovind "Theory" to explain how the global flood got all the water — namely, a magic comet did it. Hovind then pro...

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