Jesus Culture (July-12-2018) - Living With A Fire

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Jesus Culture (July-12-2018) - Living With A Fire

Jesus Culture (July-12-2018) - Living With A Fire. 

There’s a power that's made perfect in my weakness
Fills me up with a strength that is fearless
I find hope within Your everlasting promise
It fans my faith into flame

I'm living with a fire burning inside of me
I'm living for the Savior Jesus, eternally
With all that I am, Lord, I give You my heart
Let the flame shine brighter
Let Your praise sing louder

In a moment, You turn mourning into dancing
When I praise, I can feel the darkness trembling
All my fear is swept away by perfect love
You fan my faith into flame

No darkness can stand against this brighter glory
His promise is sure, Jesus decides my story

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