Sermons by Priscilla Shirer 2022

Priscilla Shirer, CeCe Winans, Joyce Meyer - Watch Sermon: Women of Faith (Mashup). Join some of our favorite women speakers on TBN's Praise. Listen Joyce Meyer, Priscilla Shirer and CeCe Winans as they discuss how God is faithful, loving, and filled with grace throughout all moments of life.


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Priscilla Shirer (November-24-2020) Watch Message: The Best Way to Communicate with God. Priscilla Shirer joins Laurie Crouch and Holly Wagner on TBN's Praise to discuss the best way for us to communicate with God. Listen as they discuss how we are often looking in the wrong places for answers, and that the best way to get guidance in life is to dig into ...

The Chat with Priscilla   What Women Wished Men Knew (Part One)  .Women are just misunderstood. Or is it that men are just not clear on what women wished they knew about them? In this episode, Priscilla will discuss just what it is that women wished men knew about them and how this plays into the interactions with each other.


Priscilla Shirer - Watch Sermon: Are You Running from Your Miracle? Priscilla Shirer speaks at Lakewood church on TBN’s Praise. Be encouraged as Priscilla Shirer shares testimonies of God's faithfulness to multiply what you have into above and beyond what you could dream in your own strength.


The Chat with Priscilla    Girls Like Us (Part Two).


Priscilla Shirer - Watch Sermon: Ask God to Use Your Gifts for His Glory. Priscilla Shirer speaks at the Propel Women's Conference to discuss spiritual gifts. Listen as she teaches that we should be asking God to use our gifts to further bring glory to His name, and bring more people to Him.


Priscilla Shirer - Watch Sermon: A Mother's Love. Priscilla Shirer celebrates Mother's Day by sharing memories that she has with her children and her own mother. Listen as she celebrates mothers and mother figures everywhere, and the incredible impact that they have in the world.

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Sermons by Priscilla Shirer 2022

The author of popular bestsellers and the American actress chose her path for a reason. The thing is that Priscilla Shirer dad (Tony Evans) served and still holds the position of Christian pastor in the Bible community (USA). His influence didn’t leave the girl any other choice, and already while studying at the university she had an internship at a radio station. Sermons by Priscilla Shirer quickly gained popularity, and she realized that she had made the right choice.

In the process of active work, Priscilla tried her hand in acting, being an author of books and a preacher. The sermons by Priscilla C. Shirer help people find an opportunity to get closer to God and to live strictly according to God's rules. The preacher often speaks at various conferences and other events. In her sermons, she touches on many topics, so the audience’s interest in Youtube sermons by Priscilla Shirer doesn’t fade.

Priscilla Shirer’s secret of success

Priscilla Shirer as a pastor gathers thousands of listeners in front of their screens and in conference halls. However, first of all, she is a mother and a loving wife, who attracts attention due to the explanation of God’s messages. The first Priscilla Shirer Bible studies were conducted already in her early childhood, but officially she received the status of a preacher only after receiving her master's degree.

The author of popular books considers it her duty to convey information to those who want to change their lives for the better. Priscilla Shirer online services are available to all cultures and confessions, who want to understand the truth of the Scripture. During her sermons, the preacher discusses important topics with her followers:

  • how to learn to perceive God's will;
  • how to find your own path in the world;
  • how women can fight for their rights.

In addition to preaching, Priscilla Shirer ministry established a special project. Nonprofit organization LifeWay helps thousands of women in difficult situations. All proceeds are redirected to the basic needs of the parishioners who are in a difficult situation.

 Advantages of online broadcasts

You can watch sermons by Priscilla Shirer 2022 at any convenient time. There is no need to pay for access to videos, and this is a great advantage. Under the video, you can always find the answer to your question and chat with like-minded people. Information from sermon by Priscilla Shirer will surely make you think about the righteousness of your decisions, but it will also provide an opportunity to correct the situation, as long as you have enough time.

By subscribing to the newsletter, you will пуе access to new and archived sermons. Information on Priscilla Shirer latest sermon will be sent to:

  • email;
  • mobile phone;
  • popular instant messengers.

In her sermons, Priscilla recommends proper literature that will help you draw closer to God and build a right relationship with Him. Priscilla Shirer 2022 program doesn’t end there, and the preacher continues to help everyone who wants to find a way to salvation.