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Yale University Q&A Pt. 1 - Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (13-03-2018)


Ravi Zacharias - A Prayer for Parkland, Florida (15-02-2018). Our hearts are heavy with news of the horrific attack in Parkland, Florida. In the aftermath of one of America's deadliest high school shootings in modern history, Ravi Zacharias offers a prayer for all impacted an...

Ravi Zacharias - Why are you so afraid of subjective moral reasoning? During the open forum at the University of Pennsylvania Ravi Zacharias and Nabeel Qureshi were asked: "Why are you so afraid of subjective moral reasoning? Do you think we all are just going to start raping...

Why the Bible? Ravi Zacharias at the University of Illinois. For two evenings, Ravi Zacharias answers hard-hitting questions from a student-packed auditorium at University of Illinois.


Ravi Zacharias - How do you know that Christianity is the one true worldview? Exclusivity is one of the most popular charges leveled against the Christian faith. Here, author and apologist Ravi Zacharias and RZIM speaker John Njoroge challenge the assumption that Christianity...

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