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Rick Warren (May-05-2023) How to Make Your Daring Faith Commitment
Pastor Rick Warren (December-17-2021) "God's Promises About Giving" .God makes more promises in the Bible about giving generously than anything else. In this message, Pastor Rick Warren will talk about the nine rewards God promises us when we learn to be generous with money.
In Acts 12, a supernatural event happened in a person’s living room. Would you like to see God’s power at work in your living room? Today Rick Renner will show you that it can happen.
Rick Renner (May-22-2020) Message: The Shield of Faith. The purpose of the Roman shield was for protection, and to enable the soldier to advance. However, because it was covered with leather, it could become brittle. The only way his shield would not dry and become brittle was if he anointed…
Rick Renner (May-17-2020) Sermon: Why I have an alabaster vase. Join Rick as he conducts a series of studio tours describing the various items he has on display in his studio and their significance from scripture.
Rick Renner (March-26-2020) Sermon: Playing Games at Jesus' Expense
Rick Renner (March-23-2020) Sermon: Twelve Legions of Angels. Do you know how many angels were available to assist Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane? Don’t miss this amazing program with Rick Renner as you learn why they were there and why Jesus refused them!
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