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Rick Renner (November-11-2019) Sermon: Consequences of Repentance or a Lack of Repentance. There are consequences associated with repentance or a lack of repentance. If God commands you to repent, what are the consequences of your obedience? What are the consequences if you turn a deaf hear to the Spirit and do not repent? Join Rick Renner today as he dives into this important subject


Rick Renner (July-19-2019) Sermon: The Fruit Of Obedience.

If you are willing and obedient, you’ll eat the good of the land. That is God’s promise to you. Today let Rick Renner help you learn how to enjoy the fruit of wholehearted obedience! 

In this five-part series, Rick takes you through the Old Testament account of the fall of Jericho highlighting remarkable details often overlooked. If you are ready for the walls in your l...

Rick Renner (April-29-2019) Sermon: Smyrna — A Place of Suffering. Suffering is a hard subject for most Christians. But in today’s program, Rick Renner hits it head-on to clear this subject up for you


Rick Renner (April-25-2019) Sermon: Behold, He Is Risen. Angels announced Jesus’ resurrection, a truly amazing account recorded in the Gospels that you need to hear! Join Rick for teaching on this topic today.


Rick Renner (April-24-2019) Sermon: Buried and Sealed. In today’s program, Rick Renner will show you that the resurrection was no hoax. Jesus died, was buried, and was resurrected.


Rick Renner (March-18-2019) Sermon: A Passion for Holiness. What does it mean to be holy? How can you become holy? What are the marks of holiness in a believer’s life? Rick Renner dives into this subject in today’s program


Rick Renner (February-21-2019) Sermon: Why Candlesticks? What does Jesus liken the church to a candlestick? What relevance is there is this symbol for you and me? This is a vital truth you need to understand, so join Rick Renner today as he opens this truth to you.


Rick Renner — What Does John 10:10 Really Mean (February-08-2019). You may “think” you know John 10:10, but do you? Probably not! Today Rick Renner will open this verse to you like you’ve never heard it before!

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