Rick Renner youtube

Rick Renner youtube

Rick Renner (Aug 22, 2018) - Why Do People Sometimes Collapse in the Presence of God? Who can guess what is happening in the heart, soul, or body of a person when he or she experiences this tangible touch of the Holy Spirit? Perhaps it is an operation of God’s power to do something in the person that couldn’t be dealt with any other way.

Rick Renner (August-06-2018) The Healing Ministry of Jesus Part 1. Join Rick Renner for this week’s program as Rick begins a remarkable series on the healing ministry of Jesus.

Rick Renner (August-05-2018) — The Healing Ministry of Jesus, Pt. 4 In this week’s program, Rick Renner gives concrete examples from the New Testament about how YOU can be used in healing the sick.

Rick Renner (August-05-2018) — The Healing Ministry of Jesus, Pt. 3. There are many sick people in the world that need a healing touch, and this week Rick Renner unlocks truths about how to bring healing to sick people.

Rick Renner (August-05-2018) — The Healing Ministry of Jesus, Pt. 2 In this week’s program, Rick Renner teaches on the various types of sicknesses Jesus healed and clearly shows how we can also be used to heal the sick.

Rick Renner (August-05-2018) Pt. 1, The Healing Ministry of Jesus

Rick Renner Ministries (July 19, 2018) - No Bible No Food. I encourage you today to renew your commitment to the Word of God like never before. Commit to Him that in these last days, you’ll fill your mind with His creative, restorative substance — His very Person and nature — which will provide you with healing, wholeness, deliverance, protection, and all the answers you need for life.

Rick Renner (July 18 2018) It's Time for Self Examination. If you let the Holy Spirit deal with you now and bring about the necessary changes in your life, you will be able to confidently and joyfully look into the eyes of Jesus on that day you stand before Him.

Rick Renner Ministries (July 10, 2018) - Teamwork.  What type of task do you have in front of you today that can only be accomplished if a team comes together to make it happen?

Rick Renner Ministries (July 9, 2018) - Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever.  The Jesus you find in the four gospels will be the same forever. What Jesus said and did in those four gospels is exactly what He is saying and doing now.

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