Rick Renner youtube

Rick Renner youtube

Rick Renner - June 18 2018: The Guiding Ministry of the Holy Spirit. I want to tell you that the Holy Spirit deeply desires to guide you in life. If you’ll let Him lead you, He will offer you sound guidance in every sphere of your life.

Rick Renner - June 13 2018: The Reminding Ministry of the Holy Spirit. If you say you have a difficult time memorizing Scripture, open your heart to the ministry of the Holy Spirit because He wants to put you in remembrance of everything that Jesus said. And He will help you recall everything you need to remember that Jesus said to you — exactly on time and exactly at the right place. That’s part of His reminding ministry to you and to me.

Rick Renner - June 11 2018: Your Heart Is Not a Hotel. God never intended for the Holy Spirit to be your Guest. The Holy Spirit has come to stay as a permanent Resident inside your heart, and He will be with you for the rest of your life.

Rick Renner - June 10 2018: A Different Kind of Leading. Instead of jumping into action every time you see a need, learn to put on the brakes, stop yourself for a moment, and wait until the Holy Spirit speaks clearly to your heart.

Rick Renner - June 9 2018: Learning To Follow the Leader. The truth is, learning to know the voice of the Holy Spirit and being led by Him should be one of your primary concerns as a growing, maturing child of God. It’s all part of that lifelong pursuit to know Him and the power of His resurrection as you press toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus!

Rick Renner - June 8 2018: The Spirit of Truth. When Jesus used the word truth to describe the Holy Spirit, it was the equivalent of saying, “You don’t need to worry that He will lead you astray or that He will lead you wrongly. You can depend upon Him and you can trust Him.”

Rick Renner - June 7 2018: The Heavenly Coach. There are many possible translations for the word “Comforter,” but the one that seems to satisfy me the most is the word “coach,” because it conveys the meaning of the Greek word parakletos so well. Jesus’ words in John 14:16 could read: “I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Coach….”

Rick Renner - June 6 2018: The Comforter, Part 2. You are probably very aware of your defects and all the areas where you need to grow. Can you imagine someone who is called specifically to be with you? That is the ministry of the Holy Spirit! His primary task is to be the Parakletos — called to be alongside you.

Rick Renner (June-04-2018) Pt. 4, Life in the Combat Zone. You own the most vital weapon to releasing God’s power into any difficult situation. What is it? Learn along with Rick Renner in this week’s program.

Rick Renner (June-04-2018) Pt. 3, Life in the Combat Zone. To maintain victory in the midst of difficult situations, you have to know how to develop a victorious attitude. This is what Rick Renner discusses in this week’s program.

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