Rick Renner youtube

Rick Renner youtube

Rick Renner Ministries (Sept 25, 2018) - Seven Things to do Every Day to Become Spiritually Strong

Wednesday, 12 September 2018 08:35

September 12 2018: Counting the Cost - Rick Renner

Rick Renner (September 12 2018) Counting the Cost. Through observation and personal experience, Denise and I have learned that it may take a little longer to do things right the first time around, but nothing is as difficult as abandoning your divine call because you didn’t count the cost and do what you should have done in the beginning. Doing things right the first time is the smartest, cheapest, and best way to live!

Rick Renner (September 14 2018) God’s Law of Giving and Receiving. If you do what is right and obey God’s command to give, you needn’t worry about the future because the law of sowing and reaping works. This universal law assures a harvest of provision for you, for your family, and for your business, regardless of what happens in the world around you.

Rick Renner Ministries (Sep 8, 2018) - Are We So Busy Serving That We’ve Missed What Really Matters? Productivity for God must never take the place of passionate love for Him. Christ requires us to be both productive for Him and passionate about Him. Yet it is easy to become so consumed with the busyness of the ministry that we fail to stay focused on our passionate love for Christ.

Rick Renner Ministries (Sep 9, 2018) - Standing Together To Overcome the Darkness. We must stand together to drive back the darkness with the light of the Gospel so Jesus can be exalted and the transforming power of God can be displayed to this generation as never before.

Rick Renner Ministries (Sep 10, 2018) - The Power of Agreement.  In Matthew 18:19, Jesus taught about the enormous power that exists when believers get in agreement with each other. He said, “…If two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”

Rick Renner Ministries (Sep 11, 2018) - The Crown of Righteousness. Second Timothy 4:8 refers to the crown of righteousness. This crown is specially designated for those who longed for Jesus’ appearing and lived holy lives in anticipation of His return. This is the crown that Paul referred to when he wrote about his own death and the crown that Jesus would give to him.

Rick Renner Ministries (Sep 5, 2018): ‘Spiritual Curb Appeal’. It doesn’t matter how much Gospel you preach to non-Christians, how many tracts and books you leave on their desks, or how much literature you send them in the mail — unbelievers are affected by what they see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. This means your life is your primary pulpit. If you are a leader or aspire to a leadership position, you must understand this and recognize that people are actively observing the message you present with your life.

Rick Renner (Sep-02-2018) — The Signs of the Times. Pt. 4 In this week’s program, Rick Renner gives the ULTIMATE SIGN that proves we are living at the very, very end of this age. Don’t miss it!

Rick Renner (Sep-02-2018) — The Signs of the Times. Pt. 3. Jesus gave concrete signs to let us know we are living in the end of this age. What are they? Can we really recognize them? Join Rick Renner this week as he carefully covers this subject for you.

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