Rick Renner youtube

Rick Renner youtube

Rick Renner (October-23-2018) Bible Study: Revelation - Chapter One. Part 4. This week, Rick Renner continues covering the revelation that the apostle John had of Christ on the island of Patmos.

Rick Renner (October 28, 2018) - Apostolic Authority Is Relational, Geographical, and Territorial. Paul’s one desire was to protect the flock that God had placed under his charge against wolves that only sought to devour the sheep to gratify their self-absorbed lust for control. In this, Paul revealed the power of the apostolic relationship that provides the foundational mortar for the “house” God has called an apostle to build. Whatever the assignment that particular apostle has been sent to fulfill, it will be defined by some form of divine boundaries, whether they are regional, geographical, or spiritual in nature. And within that marked-out territory assigned by the Lord, the true apostle will stand guard over the relationships he is called to steward within those boundaries.

Rick Renner (October 27, 2018) - Why Would Anyone Claim To Be an Apostle if He Wasn’t? Paul endured many afflictions during his ministry, and many of them were a result of these false ministers who fiercely opposed him and constantly tried to displace his position of authority over the flock of God in the local churches. They wanted Paul out of the picture so they could usurp his place of prominence.

Rick Renner (October 25, 2018) - The Signs of a True Apostle. Those who have an apostolic call on their lives serve God on the front lines of His Kingdom, facing challenges and difficulties beyond what others might encounter. These individuals must forge their way and make significant inroads into the enemy’s territory. Therefore, miracles — those undeniable moments when God’s power intervenes in the natural course of events — are required and will always be evident in the lives of those whom God has called to be apostles.

Rick Renner (October 26, 2018) - Supernatural Patience and Endurance. Paul knew that God had given him the supernatural ability to remain steadfast in the midst of the intense resistance that came against him in Corinth. In fact, Paul was so impacted by the divine grace that enabled him to stay put in such a hostile environment that he was inspired to include it as one of the marks, or signs, of an apostolic ministry.

 Rick Renner (October 24, 2018) - How Many Apostles Are Named in the New Testament? If you were to take the entire list of those who were sent forth apostolically in the New Testament, there are at least 83 people in the New Testament who are called “apostles.” All of this makes it very clear that apostolic ministry has continued beyond the original 12 apostles. Just as prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers have continued for 2,000 years, the apostolic gift has also continued; it has simply been more or less unrecognized.

Rick Renner (October 23, 2018) - The Historical Meaning of the Word ‘Apostle’. Historical definitions of the word apostolos shed light on the function of the apostle’s ministry.

Rick Renner (October 22, 2018) - What Is an Apostle? The Greek word for “apostle” is apostolos, which is a compound of the words apo and stello. The preposition apo means away, and the word stello means to send. When the two words are combined, they form the word apostolos, meaning one who is sent away.

Rick Renner Ministries (Sept 25, 2018) - Seven Things to do Every Day to Become Spiritually Strong

Wednesday, 12 September 2018 08:35

September 12 2018: Counting the Cost - Rick Renner

Rick Renner (September 12 2018) Counting the Cost. Through observation and personal experience, Denise and I have learned that it may take a little longer to do things right the first time around, but nothing is as difficult as abandoning your divine call because you didn’t count the cost and do what you should have done in the beginning. Doing things right the first time is the smartest, cheapest, and best way to live!

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