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Rick Warren (April-29-2019) Sermon: Making Hard Changes. Seeing change and growth in our lives means a gradual process of becoming more and more like Jesus, and it isn’t always easy. In this message, Pastor Rick Warren will talk about the six elements that God uses to make us spiritually mature.


Rick Warren (April-28-2019) Sunday Service in Saddleback Church, Live Stream online


Rick Warren (April-24-2019) Sermon: There Is Nothing More For You To Do. Jesus is the only one on the planet who finished every task he had to fulfill on Earth. In this Good Friday message, Pastor Rick Warren will talk about the five things Jesus completed on the cross.


Rick Warren (April-25-2019) Sermon: How The Resurrection Gives Us Hope.

The resurrection is the single most important event in history. In this Easter 2019 message, Pastor Rick Warren will share the six reasons why the resurrection gives us more hope than anyone else.


JOIN Saddleback Church Sunday Service with Rick Warren Live Stream (April-21-2019)


Rick Warren (April-15-2019) Sermon: Recovering From Traumatic Experiences.

At some point in life, everyone faces a traumatic experience — the experience of feeling overwhelmed or frightened from a deeply distressing event. As part of the message, Pastor Rick Warren interviews the president of Rwanda as we remember the trauma of the horrific genocide of 1994. In this special service, you'll learn what God has to say about evil and traum...

JOIN Saddleback Church Sunday Service with Rick Warren Live Stream (April-14-2019).


Rick Warren (April-13-2019) Sermon: Choosing Values That Will Give You The Future You Want.

Successful people often ask themselves, “What do I need to do today to be where I want to be tomorrow?” In this message, Pastor Rick tells us the importance of choices and how changing our values can give us the future we want — in marriage, business, family, faith, and community. You’ll learn how God gives us freedom to accept his will and foll...

Rick Warren is an innovative pastor, renowned author, and global influencer. The various ministries Pastor Rick has created are a multi-faceted expression of his heart to bring the whole gospel to the whole world.

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