Sermons by Robert Morris 2021 and 2020

Robert Morris (October-19-2021) Bread. Pastor Robert begins the More than Words series with a message about how the Bible has the power to transform you and fully satisfy your spiritual needs.


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Watch Robert Morris' Sunday Service | October 17 2021 Gateway Church Live | “Refuse to Compromise”. Join us as we stream our service! This weekend, Pastor Robert continues his series, The Seven Churches of Revelation, by sharing the traps of compromise the enemy sets for us and the treasures that come from following God’s ways.


Robert Morris - Watch Sermon: The Foundation of Abandonment. Pastor Robert shares a word about God’s desire to take us higher in worship when we abandon ourselves and give Him control.


Robert Morris  (October-17-2021) The Ten Financial Commandments. Pastor Robert concludes the Beyond Blessed series with a message titled “The Ten Financial Commandments” where he lists ten things to do to be financially wise and practice good stewardship.


Robert Morris (October-13-2021) Watch Sermon: Pray For Direction and Obey God's Guidance. On TBN's Frequency with Robert Morris, Pastor Robert teaches the importance of obeying God when He gives you a word.


Robert Morris - Watch Sermon: Hearing God's Voice for a Breakthrough. On TBN's Frequency with Robert Morris, Pastor Robert teaches that in order to hear God's voice, you have to pray to God.


Robert Morris (October-12-2021) Good Stewards. Pastor Robert continues the Beyond Blessed series with a message titled “Good Stewards” where he explains that God blesses us when we understand and live out good stewardship.

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Sermons by Robert Morris 2021 and 2020


Gateway Church is a non-denominational, neo-charismatic Christian multi-site megachurch based in Southlake, Texas, near Fort Worth. It is the largest congregation in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, with an estimated weekly attendance of 36,000 as of 2016. The church was founded by Robert Morris, while the church is led day to day by Robert Morris, occasionally pastor Jimmy Evans and other elders will lead a message at times. His television program airs in over 190 countries, and his radio program, Worship & the Word with Pastor Robert, airs in more than 1,800 radio markets across America. He serves as chancellor of The King’s University and is the bestselling author of numerous books, including The Blessed Life, Frequency, Beyond Blessed, and Take the Day Off. Pastor Robert Morris is truly a called of God as He demonstrates the Love of God in his Sermons and Teachings.

Why Robert Morris Sermons and Teachings?

Robert Morris Sermons has become a mighty force for advancing the Gospel. Robert Morris Sermons has become an agent of change in the life of many. And as an agent of Change, the Sermons has become a huge success for Robert Morris Ministries in obeying the Lord’s Commandment in Matthew 28:17-20. The Sermons has become a great source of reference to many believers around the world in their daily Walk with the Lord and a point of contact for Soul winning. Pastor Robert Morris Sermons online has helped billions to a better understanding of God’s Grace and the Faith Movement. Through Robert Morris Sermons;

  • billions have given their life to Christ
  • The sick are healed
  • The possessed and oppressed are given liberty
  • Many have grown in Grace and Wisdom
  • Addictions are broken
  • And Righteousness is upheld.

The preacher’s daily TV show unit Christians all over the globe before their Screens as the behold the word being preached to them. Throughout Africa, Asia, America and other continents, Robert Morris's Sermons have made a change and an impact. Robert Morris’s 2021 Sermons are no different from previous messages but still carries an extraordinary power to make a change.

Who Should Watch Pastor Robert Morris Sermons Online?

Pastor Robert Morris said , “Negativity is simply the devil's language spoken by those who have his perspective." God's language is faith. Nothing is impossible with God (see Matt. 19:26). God never speaks negatively. He speaks truth. Even when He speaks truth, He speaks it by faith, because He sees what can happen. Faith doesn't mean that you don't see the problem. Faith means you can see past the problem to the answer. You're not saying, "There is no problem." You're saying, "There is an answer!". Everyone has equal right to watching Robert Morris Sermons. Pastor Robert Morris Sermons is a call for all to have fellowship with no respect to race, Status or High socio-economic status. Jesus is for all.

Pastor Robert Morris Sermons online provide every update with regards to Bible studies, Teachings sermons and inspirational messages to you at every moment. This is achieved by Pastor Robert Morris Videos for free and in full length. Robert Morris’s Sermons 2021 and the old ones can be found on this one page. Pastor Robert Morris Sermons is an example and a voice of hope to many.