Sid Roth Sunday Show April-21-2019 - Hearing God Speak in Your Dreams

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Sunday, 21 April 2019 12:13

Sid Roth's it's supernatural! Sunday Show April-21-2019 Hearing God Speak in Your Dreams.

Have you ever thought, "If God wants to speak to me in dreams, why doesn't He just speak literally, and not in these symbols? And if I can't understand my dreams, why should I waste my time even trying?" Of course, many have these thoughts, but Stephanie Schureman says understanding dreams is so simple, she teaches children! If children can learn it, so can you. Stephanie Schureman says dreams are an invitation to partner with Heaven’s wisdom, protective revelation and creativity! Are you ready to understand Heaven's wisdom in your life from your dreams?

Heaven Whispers. Are You Listening? While you sleep and distractions are absent, God enjoys the quiet time and His opportunities to give you dreams. They are your opportunities too!

Stephanie Schureman says most of us need a beginner’s guide to dream interpretation. The more advanced courses come from Holy Spirit. The Dream Book and her 3-CD set, Dreaming with Holy Spirit, are Stephanie’s guides to interpretation. They show you how to:

• Use Scripture to interpret with Holy Spirit’s guidance
• Journal to accelerate understanding
• Expand your creative potential through dreams
• Find the meanings behind nightmares and learn what to do with déjà vu
• Discover your personal code for hearing from God.

Stephanie says understanding your dreams is like found money. You get access to what God is saying and can take hold of Holy Spirit’s special words for you!

Stephanie Schureman, author, speaker and founder of Dwelling Place Ministries, is an ordained minister and teacher. She and her husband reside in Golden, Colorado.

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Sid Roth Sunday Show April-21-2019 - Hearing God Speak in Your Dreams
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