Steven Furtick Sermons 2023

A Steady Hand For A Sudden Blessing - Steven Furtick Sunday Sermon May-28-2023. Scripture References: 2 Kings 3, verses 14-15, 17, 20; Acts 2, verse 2; Acts 1, verses 7-8. God is steady through your struggle. In “A Steady Hand For A Sudden Blessing,” Pastor Steven Furtick teaches us that…

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JOIN Elevation Church Sunday Service with Steven Furtick at 2PM Live Stream (May-28-2023). If you don`t have the opportunity to visit Elevation Church, you can see Steven Furtick`s sunday sermon on the official Facebook page or on YouTube channel or use the link on our website. Elevation Church sunday service…
JOIN Elevation Church Sunday Service at 11:30AM with Steven Furtick, Live Stream May-28-2023. If you don`t have the opportunity to visit Elevation Church, you can see Steven Furtick`s sunday sermon on the official Facebook page or on YouTube channel or use the link on our website. Elevation Church sunday service…
Watch Steven Furtick Sunday Service 9:30 AM May-28-2023 - Elevation Church Live Stream Jesus said, “We must work the works of Him who sent me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work (John 9: 4). While there is still time, we as a…
Steven Furtick - Watch Sermon: Why You Stopped Trusting People. Pause to see it from God’s perspective. In “Why You Stopped Trusting People,” we learn how to stop judging our struggles at the surface and invite God in to deal with them at the root.
Steven Furtick Watch Sermon: Why Didn’t God Stop It? In this message from Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church, we’re reminded that, while we don't get to choose every situation, we do choose the story we tell ourselves. What if we see faith instead of fear? Preparation instead of pain?…
Steven Furtick - Watch Sermon: God's Calling You Out Of Fear. Make peace with your strength. In “God’s Calling You Out Of Fear,” we’re reminded that God has strengthened us for every season.
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Steven Furtick Sermons 2023

Pastor Steven Furtick 2023 Tells about Faith in God

All religions of the world urge a person to believe in God. It doesn’t matter what name they give him, what examples, rituals, books and authorities they use for this. A person who believes in God is, first of all, a moral person, observing certain rules, God"s commandments. But let us ask ourselves: How much joy, happiness, love and wisdom will a person receive from faith in God if he does not believe in himself? If he hopes only for the grace of God, but does not see in himself who is really capable of changing his life and the whole world? You can learn about this and much more in Steven Furtick sermons.

Some slaves believe their master and even love him, but what good is their soul from this love and faith? A slave remains a slave, even if his master is kind and merciful to him. Do you think God wants us to be His slaves? To blindly do His will? Of course not. Otherwise, why would He give us freedom of choice? The slaves have no choice, but freedom is the property of the Gods. Even if they, these Gods, are called people. Steven Furtick live helps people understand how faith can improve their lives.

In Steven Furtick video you will learn why it is important to believe in yourself

We, the children of God, of course, must trust and trust our Father. This is an innate and natural quality of any living creature. Religion, parents, teachers, and life itself teach us the same thing. But what does God want to teach us? Trust in yourself. Belief in yourself. Love for yourself. Because it is impossible to believe in something or someone without believing yourself. Because you can’t love something or someone without having love for yourself. Because we project and carry into the world only that which we ourselves represent and that is already present in us. 

Love for God is the highest degree of love. In order to come to the higher, one must first “learn” the simple - self-love. Then - to family and friends. Then - to friends and strangers. Then - to all people, all living things on Earth, all living things in the Universe, and finally - to the One who created all this. So it is with faith. Faith in God is the highest degree of faith, and its very first and simplest degree is the faith of man in himself.

Why is self-belief so important? Because we are what we believe in. All people and the whole world around us are a reflection, a living “hologram” of our faith. Faith is a universal creative energy, which, concentrating, creates what we choose - we choose with our thoughts.

Where can we watch pastor Steven Furtick sermons?

Faith opens up new possibilities for man. If you want to learn something new for yourself, to make your life better, then the sermons of the pastors will help you with this. 

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