Jump To A New Conclusion - Steven Furtick Sunday Sermon October-25-2020

Monday, 26 October 2020 01:11

Steven Furtick (October-25-2020) Sunday Sermon: Jump To A New Conclusion. 

The conclusion that you jump to is based on the belief that you start with.

In “Jump To A New Conclusion,” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church teaches us how to jump to the RIGHT conclusions instead of settling for the wrong ones.

Section Titles:
0:00 - Let’s Jump Right In (Luke 1, verses 39-45; Isaiah 55, verses 8-9)
3:37 - Jump To A New Conclusion
10:28 - Stop Trying To Figure Out How
12:31 - It’s Based On The Belief You Start With
15:05 - What Report Will You Believe?
19:03 - Have You Been Fighting Battles Alone? (Luke 1, verse 45)
22:30 - Did God Really Mean That?
26:30 - Do You Believe God Likes You?
28:18 - God’s Purpose Is Working In Your Life (Luke 1, verse 44)
30:50 - This Is The One (Matthew 3, verses 11-12; John 1, verses 29-36)
35:13 - When Doubt Enters Your Mind (Matthew 11, verse 3)
40:44 - I Didn’t Expect This (Matthew 11, verse 5)
42:44 - The Difference Between Belief and Truth
44:10 - Don’t Trip (Matthew 11, verse 6)
46:27 - This Will Strengthen Your Faith - JUMP JOHN JUMP
49:30 - Are You Tripping Over Something That’s Not True?
51:55 - Anchor Yourself In This (Isaiah 55, verse 8)
54:55 - What God Spoke, He Will Fulfill

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Jump To A New Conclusion - Steven Furtick Sunday Sermon October-25-2020
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