Steven Furtick July-25-2021 Sunday Service 9:30AM - Elevation Church Live Stream

Sunday, 25 July 2021 09:16

JOIN Elevation Church Sunday Service at 9:30AM with Steven Furtick, Live Stream (July-25-2021).

Jesus said, “We must work the works of Him who sent me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work (John 9: 4). While there is still time, we as a body of believers must work the works of Him who created us and gave us the privilege to be called the sons of God. Nothing can replace the biblical command to gather together as a local church body and listen to the teaching of a faithful local pastor. Pastor Steven Furtick of the Elevation Church is a great preacher and teacher of the Word and presents sermons and teachings of Sunday service for live streaming.

Are you a lover of sermons and services by Steven Furtick? Do you have a strong desire to grow spiritually? Or you are a Bible student and teacher of the Word? Pastor Steven Furtick at Elevation Church online streaming provide the opportunity for everyone to watch Sunday services live every Sunday for free. You can watch pastor Steven Furtick Sunday Service live here at 9:30 AM through Elevation Church stream. The live Sunday services by Steven Furtick watched in this website is a blessing to many as they have a live contact with the message of Salvation. Visit this website now and every Sunday for Sermons, teachings, testimonies, devotions and stream live from your home.

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Steven Furtick July-25-2021 Sunday Service 9:30AM - Elevation Church Live Stream
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Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick - the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church.

Elevation Church was founded by Steven Furtick in 2006 in Charlotte, NC. And now, it is in top 10 most intensively growing churches. Initially, it consisted mainly of young people under the age of 32 years. However, soon, parents of the youth began to come to church, and then people from 40 and over. Now Elevation Church is a ch ...