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Making Moves | Bars & Battles - Steven Furtick (July-18-2019)

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Making Moves | Bars & Battles - Steven Furtick (July-18-2019)

Steven Furtick (July-18-2019) Sermon: Making Moves | Bars & Battles. What if your struggle is a sign God is up to something in your life? "Making Moves" is about taking the right steps and trusting God in the process.

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Steven Furtick - the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church.

Elevation Church was founded by Steven Furtick in 2006 in Charlotte, NC. And now, it is in top 10 most intensively growing churches. Initially, it consisted mainly of young people under the age of 32 years. However, soon, parents of the youth began to come to church, and then people from 40 and over. Now Elevation Church is a church that unites a variety of Christians from scho...

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