Steven Furtick Sermons 2022

Pastor Steven Furtick (December-11-2017) Sermon Do You Have The Stones? Being courageous is easier said than done. Discover – not only how to gather your courage – but how to use it.

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Pastor Steven Furtick (May-22-2018) This Scripture Always Confused Me. Jesus once cast demons out of a man and into pigs. But what does this story mean for us today?
Steven Furtick - This Is Significant, Savage Jesus Sunday Sermon (May-21-2018) Elevation Church. Stop waiting for something significant to happen; find significance instead.
Pastor Steven Furtick (January-22-2018) The Pillow & The Promise. What if you’ve been missing your purpose because you’ve been looking in the wrong place? Learn how to see God moving right where you are.
Pastor Steven Furtick (May 18, 2018) - Hammer Time. To build something great, you’ll have to start at the foundation. (It’s hammer time.)
Holly Furtick (May-14-2018) When Your All Seems Small - Sunday Sermon Elevation Church. “Does what I do even matter?” We’ve all wondered it. But in this message, Holly Furtick challenges the way we view our significance.
Moms. There For Life. | Elevation Church, Moms, thanks for being present in the moments that matter most. Happy Mother’s Day from Elevation Church.
Steven Furtick Sermons 2022
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