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Steven Furtick - sermons 2019

Steven Furtick (April-19-2019) Motivation: Measuring Heart


JOIN Elevation Church Wednesday Live Stream with Steven Furtick (April-17-2019). 


Steven Furtick (April-17-2019) Motivation: God WILL Come Through Again


Steven Furtick (April-16-2019) Sermon: You're Enough.

You have enough within you to face the battle ahead of you.


Steven Furtick (April-15-2019) Sunday Sermon: The Paradox Of Progress. We can't always see our progress when we're making it; this is the paradox of progress.


Steven Furtick (April-15-2019) Motivation: You Don't Even Know


JOIN Elevation Church sunday service with Steven Furtick, Live Stream (April-14-2019).


JOIN Elevation Church sunday service with Steven Furtick, Live Stream at 11 30 AM (April-14-2019).


Steven Furtick: sermons 2019

At the core of any Steven Furtick's sermon is always the Bible. In his sermons you can see that the Bible is absolutely relevant to our daily life. Therefore, it does not matter that more than 2 thousand years have passed since the arrival of Jesus Christ. The Bible is an efficient word for all times, regardless of technical progress, cataclysms and any other social, cultural, political or economic changes.

Steven Furtick's sermons contain a biblical way of looking at various things and directly show that God has already given us the answers to all the challenges in our lives and left us a direct guide to action - the Bible. Steven Furtick is not overly optimistic speaker. He never speaks on exceptionally pleasant topics. In his messages most often addressed not the simplest problems of life, but he suggests looking at them from an unexpected side relying on the Bible. Therefore, each of his sermons are interesting in its own way and contains an excellent portion of humor.

According to Steven Furtick, our God is cool and dangerous, caring and powerful, multifaceted and incredible. God is watching us every moment of our lives, even when we are experiencing a storm. He sees our hearts and wants to give us salvation and happiness. And the Gospel is not just a description of miracles, it’s about how God comes into our life and everything changes. And the external circumstances that are forming around us only serve the purposes of God. Therefore, regardless of the occasions, we must be guided by the word of God in our lives. Each of us is important to God and it doesn't matter whether the rest of the world considers us important.

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