Steven Furtick Sermons 2022

Steven Furtick - Watch Sermon: Stop Listening To The Enemy. Don’t let the devil discourage you today. In “Stop Listening To The Enemy” we learn to trust God, even in the face of our doubts.

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Steven Furtick Motivational: That's Not the Devil...
Steven Furtick - Watch Sermon: You Are Going To Make It Through This. Facing your biggest fears takes the boldest faith.
Watch Steven Furtick (May-15-2022) Sunday Sermon: Bent Knees Break Chains. While the chain of events isn't always your choice, your next decision still is. In “Bent Knees Break Chains,” we learn that our future isn’t defined by what happens to us, but is influenced by our choices instead.
Steven Furtick Sermon: The Greatest Source of My Frustration, The Expectation Gap (Part 1) Frustration. It's born in the space between our expectations and our actual experiences. "This isn't what marriage was supposed look like." "I thought this job was going to be different." "I never thought my kids would…
Steven Furtick - Watch Sermon: How To Keep Your Faith In A Desperate Situation. For anyone that is facing a bad report, you can get through this. You just need to take another look at what you have.
Steven Furtick- Motivation: Don't let discouragement win!
Steven Furtick Sermons 2022
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