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ASK TB JOSHUA (September-21-2019) Your Views On The 'Prosperity Gospel'? 

The controversial subject of the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ has led to much division and debate within Christianity. What are TB Joshua’s views - backed up by Scripture - on this important issue?

“The point is that you must keep your eyes on God, not on the means He might use. He and He alone is the Source of your expectations.” - TB Joshua (Episode 4)


TB Joshua (Sptember-21-2019) I GOT MY TATTOOS FROM THE SEA! Mr Lawrence Chukwuezie's father was a sailor. One day, his boat capsized and a mysterious spirit from the water captured him and forced him to serve her. Lawrence grew up watching his father regularly consult this water spirit and make sacrifices to her.


TB Joshua Ministries (September-20-2019) I Saw An ANGEL In The SCOAN! Dickson Francisca was overwhelmed by depression and anxiety disorder - until she had a truly SUPERNATURAL encounter...

This is the touching testimony of a young Nigerian lady living in Ghana who saw an angel on the altar of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) after attending The SCOAN Living Water Service. We pray your faith will be encouraged as you listen ...

TB Joshua  (September-20-2019) WICKED! Children Confess To Killing Their MUM Through Witchcraft!!!Two little children barely old enough to make decisions for themselves confess to a heinous crime with a strange, supernatural edge. They said they killed their mum and siblings through witchcraft. But did they really... How will Prophet T.B. Joshua handle this complicated case - which involves an entire Nigerian village, an untouched corpse...

TB Joshua Monistries - TORNADO TESTIMONY! - Storm Survivor Shares Her SECRET!

Janice Kwofie's home was inches away from destruction as a devastating tornado engulfed her entire community in Dayton, Ohio...

She attributes her supernatural protection to the goodness of God after receiving the Morning Water from The SCOAN as an Emmanuel TV Partner. Glory be to God!

"When you know the protection you are under, you will fear...

TB Joshua (September -19-2019) WATCH Prayer EXPOSE DEMONS In Church!!! A fiery time of Mass Prayer in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) and the results are undeniable and indescribable - demons throughout the sanctuary are provoked, exposed and disgraced! Get ready to participate in this Mass Prayer with TB Joshua by opening the door of your heart and preparing yourself for a touch from Heaven!


ASK TB JOSHUA: Why Did You Cry For Africa? (September-18-2019).

What did TB Joshua see in the spirit that prompted him to shed tears for African unity? What prophetic guidance does he have to ensure such violent revolts are not repeated?

"Thank God our prayers were answered. What we don’t know is that if we reject people on account of the bad ones among them, we also reject the good ones." - TB Joshua

'Good Morning and ...

Racine Sermon (SCOAN) (September-18-2019) Sermon: HOW TO OVERCOME YOUR SITUATION! 

"Events which seem ordinary may have extraordinary effects in the spirit, much of which is hidden from the ordinary eyes."

EVERYONE has a situation. The question is - how do you handle it? What steps must you take to overcome? Prepare to receive the answers in this striking sermon from Racine at The SCOAN, simply titled: 'Overcome Your Situation'...

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