TB Joshua

TB Joshua

Temitope Balogun Joshua (born June 12, 1963), commonly referred to as T. B. Joshua, is a Nigerian Pastor, televangelist and philanthropist. He is the leader and founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), a Christian organisation that runs the Emmanuel TV television station from Lagos. Joshua is known for his popularity across Africa and his online presence with 3,000,000 fans on Facebook and over 700,000 YouTube subscribers. Described as the "Oprah of evangelism"[6] and "YouTube's most popular Pastor", Emmanuel TV is Africa's largest Christian television network and the most subscribed Christian ministry channel on YouTube with videos amassing more than 300 million views. He has been awarded various accolades, notably receiving the Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR) by the Nigerian government in 2008[11] and being voted the Yoruba man of the decade by Pan-Yoruba media outlet Irohin-Odua. He has been called one of Africa's 50 most influential people by Pan-African magazines The Africa Report and New African Magazine

TB Joshua (December-03-2021) Watch Sermon: Don't Destroy Relationships BEYOND Repair!

This impromptu sermon literally caused people to weep in Church. Why? It's more than mere preaching; it's a prophecy from God speaking directly to your heart and life...

"You have been destroying your relationships with people beyond repair because of conflict, trouble and challenges. You can fight but be conscious that the person you are fighting may be your saviour tomorrow. Don’t destroy that relationship beyond repair." - T.B. Joshua

TB Joshua - Watch Viewers Prayer: SHINE YOUR LIGHT ON ME!

Prepare your heart to receive the Light Of God as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in this anointed time of prayer for viewers.

"When Jesus says 'Yes', He says 'Yes' to your blood, kidneys, liver, blood, bones... He says 'Yes' to your healing! It well well with you. Believe, Receive, Act in the name of Jesus!!!"

T.B Joshua - Watch Sermon: THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF PRAYER! Active faith will make that which is against us to be for us. When you act faith, you walk with the Lord. When you walk with the Lord, what is seen cannot dictate your direction. The opening of our eyes of faith is the silencing of our fears. For our faith to grow, we have to learn to stay focused in the midst of trials and challenges. Every believer has their own language of communicating their needs to God, if this is done under the check and conduct of the Holy Spirit; God sees and hears you. Learn how to discover the secret language to reach God, in this message by Prophet T.B Joshua, titled, “Our Focus”.

TB Joshua (November-25-2021) Watch SERMON: How To Effectively MEDITATE!

A deeply misunderstood subject needs a deeply insightful sermon! T.B. Joshua tackles numerous issues in this impromptu message, including the dangers of imitation, the power of meditation before prayer and the importance of unity

If you are interested in growing spiritually and eager to delve deeper in faith, this sermon 'BE AN IMITATOR OF GOD' is for you!

"Meditation in the Word of God is a visit with Him." - T.B. Joshua

Watch Mass Prayer With TB Joshua - I CAN SEE YOU BEING RELEASED!

Be released from every demonic influence operating in your life as you join Prophet TB Joshua in this powerful time of Mass Prayer at The SCOAN, in Jesus name!

“Be released to a new beginning, in the name of Jesus Christ!” - Prophet TB Joshua

“The right hand of God is power. Be released, in the name of Jesus!” - Prophet TB Joshua

TB Joshua - Watch Sermon: How To LISTEN To What God Has To Say. "We know how to pray but we don't know how to sit back in faith and listen to what God has to say." - Prophet TB Joshua. Learn how to activate your faith and find out what God has to say about your situation in this third part of an enlightening series of sermons by Prophet TB Joshua titled 'Our Focus'.

Prophet TB Joshua (November-17-2021) Watch Message: WHAT MAKES MARRIAGE LAST?

Can a relationship based merely on appearance really stand? How can you restore love that is lost in a marital home? What are the secrets behind having a lasting, love-filled marriage?

An intriguing prophecy gives birth to an incredible revelation filled with wisdom that has the potential to change your life and revive your marriage! Be blessed as you watch.

"Love is a thing of the heart... Let us look for love." - TB Joshua

TB Joshua (November-15-2021) Watch Sermon: OVERCOME YOUR TROUBLES

On the journey to the throne, we are bound to encounter obstacles that will test our faith. In this second part of the thought-provoking series of sermons by Prophet TB Joshua titled ‘Our Focus’, you will find deep truths and words of wisdom that will equip you with the right focus to help you overcome your obstacles and get to your goal.

“Your focus is your personal decision. Stop and take time to change your focus. Pay any price to protect your focus.” – Prophet TB Joshua

TB Joshua (November-13-2021) Watch Mass Prayer: JUST BELIEVE!

Believing is the connection to your miracle! Whatever your situation, condition or circumstance - join Prophet T.B. Joshua in this Holy Spirit-inspired time of Mass Prayer and order every demon disturbing your life to GET OUT, in Jesus' name!

"I separate you from your nightmares! Be DELIVERED, in the name of Jesus Christ!" - T.B. Joshua

TB Joshua (November-09-2021) Watch Sermon: How To Stay Calm. “When our focus is on God Almighty alone, we will be calm and determined even when everything around us is unquiet.” – Prophet TB Joshua.

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