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FALL AFRESH ON ME! - Original Song (Composed By TB Joshua) July-24-2019.

Let the Holy Spirit fall afresh on you as you worship God in the beauty of His holiness in this simple song of prayer, composed by TB Joshua and sung by the Emmanuel TV Choir.

Spirit of the Living God
Fall afresh on me

Melt me
Mould me
Fill me
Use me


TB Joshua Ministries (July-24-2019) THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH! | Racine Sermon (SCOAN).

"The greatest problem we have today is that people serve a god they do not know..."

Get ready to receive 'The Knowledge Of The Truth' in this instructive sermon with Brother Racine from The SCOAN and learn how to apply this knowledge into your daily life.

"Knowing God is not only to see His miracles but to learn His ways." - T.B. Jo...

TB Joshua (July-23-2019) Mass Prayer: REMOVE THE DEVIL'S HAND! 

Join T.B. Joshua in this inspiring time of Mass Prayer for Emmanuel TV viewers around the world, and get connected to the anointing that will remove the devil's hand from your life!

"God wants to answer our prayer but so often we ask for the wrong things. Our relationship with God is founded upon God's mercy. Say, 'Son of David, have mercy on me!' " - T.B. Joshua...

TB Joshua (July-23-2019) Cancerous Fluid Comes Out IMMEDIATELY After PRAYER! What is impossible with man is more than possible with God!! A deadly cancerous substance oozes out a young man's leg after prayer from T.B. Joshua, in the name of Jesus Christ.


TB JOSHUA Reveals! (July-23-2019) The SECRET Of My Life.

What is the secret behind T.B. Joshua's dogged consistency over decades of work in Christ's ministry? It's all quite simple...

In this short sermon, T.B. Joshua reveals the power in saying, 'Thank You, Jesus' from the heart - explaining this persistent attitude of thanksgiving and appreciation to God is at the heart of all his actions and activities!

"The first pe...

TB Joshua (July-22-2019) The SCOAN LIVE Living Water Service!

Join the thousands of visitors to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) from around the globe as they prayerfully enter the anointed altar at The SCOAN to receive Living Water and a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ!

"What you speak determines what you receive. I speak healing - I receive healing! I speak deliverance - I receive deliverance! I speak br...

Prayer with T.B. Joshua (July-22-2019) Touch Your Screen by Faith


T.B. Joshua (21-July-2019) LIVE Sunday Service At The SCOAN. If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see PROOF that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Get ready to witness undeniable evidence of God’s Word and power at work as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in a practical demonstration of Christianity in today’s Sunday Live Service at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria.

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