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What is the difference between a real and fake man of God? What simple means can we use to identify who-is-who in the vineyard of Christ?

The answer is simply found in Jesus' statement in Matthew 10:8 - "Freely you have received; freely give..." Let this short message open your eyes to a valuable, vital truth!


T.B. Joshua  (August-17-2019) REWRITE HISTORY! Join Prophet T.B. Joshua in this powerful time of prayer and get ready to receive healing, deliverance and breakthrough in every department of your life!


"We Prayed That God Would DESTROY T.B. Joshua!!!" August-16-2019.

In this clip from the archives, a Ghanaian minister reveals how he used to pray against T.B. Joshua and concluded he was satanic upon strange rumours that were spread...

"Do not sit somewhere, hear this or that and come to a hasty conclusion. God requires that we find out the truth from Him first and hold fast to that which is true, as the Bible says in 1 Thessal...

TB Joshua Ministries - A DEMON MARRIED MY WIFE!!! Spiritual Husband Exposed At SCOAN. "He married my wife!" - the spiritual husband inside a woman rants and rages before being cast out by the superior power in the name of Jesus. The couple later testify to the mighty changes in their lives after the deliverance.


TB Joshua Ministries (August-15-2019) HOW TO PRAY IN FAITH!!! | Racine Sermon (SCOAN).

Prayer is not just saying words. So, how do we learn how to offer prayer IN FAITH - that doesn't just merely fill the air but brings tangible results?

In this sermon from Racine titled, 'THE PRAYER OF FAITH', learn the necessary steps to take to step into faith, which will revolutionise your life of prayer!

"The Word of God is Spirit ...

TB Joshua (August-15-2019) A HONG KONG MIRACLE.

Despite the massive protests engulfing Hong Kong and dominating international media, groups of Hongkongers continue to flock to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria to receive a touch from Jesus Christ!

One such visitors was Miss Ho Tsang Ki - who received a word of prophecy from T.B. Joshua during Mass Prayer that was accompanied by instant solution! Be blessed ...

TB Joshua (August-14-2019) Sermon: The ONLY WAY To Maintain BLESSINGS!

Get ready to learn this simple truth that resonates with every area of your Christian life and shows the ONLY WAY to maintain the blessings you receive from God...

"How many of you can authoritatively ask God to help you the same way you help those who are in need of your help?" - T.B. Joshua


Pray Along with T.B. Joshua (August-14-2019) BE CONNECTED

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