Bishop T.D. Jakes Sermons 2021 and 2020

T.D. Jakes (July-24-2021) Watch Sermon: Finding Power in Your Memories. As we enter into 2021, consider this Holy resolution first: Build His altar before you build your own house. It's time to forget temporary circumstances and live in the memory of what God has done for you. When the enemy tries to take you captive, run to the remembrance of God's goodn...

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TD Jakes - Sermon: Save the Scraps - Part 1. 

Learn how, in God’s hands, nothing is wasted in this illuminating T.D Jakes sermon, “Save the Scraps.”

Focusing on the story of Jesus’ miraculous feeding of the 5000, Bishop Jakes illustrates how God not only provides but uses whatever we have and maximizes it.

Interestingly, T...

T.D. Jakes - Message: There is More to Unite Us Than Can Divide Us. T.D. Jakes sits down with Christine Caine for Praise on TBN. The two unpack Bishop T.D. Jake's TBN special edition teaching "Turn Your Dream into Your Destiny," as they discuss fighting for unity. TD Jakes encourages, "there is more to unite us than can divide us."


Bishop T.D. Jakes (July-22-2021) Watch Sermon: The Second Chapter. Scripture: Ruth 2:1-3 KJV


TD Jakes - Watch Sermon: Be Seated


T.D. Jakes, Christine Caine - Message: Provision Comes By Stepping in to God's Vision. T.D. Jakes sits down with Christine Caine for Praise on TBN. The two unpack Bishop T.D. Jake's TBN special edition teaching "Turn Your Dream into Your Destiny," as they discuss breaking barriers to destiny. TD Jakes encourages, "provision comes by stepping into God's vi...

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Bishop T.D. Jakes Sermons 2021 and 2020

Sermon by T D Jakes 2021 about the role of faith in human life

Any faith arises not from the mind, but from the heart, which tells a person: there are forces incomparably more significant in you than your mental and physical abilities. The influence of the energy of faith on the mind and body is so great that it can do real miracles. You may have heard, read or seen what is called "obvious - incredible" more than once or twice. The power of faith can heal the incurable, overcome the irresistible, defeat the invincible, make the impossible possible ...
Faith makes everything possible. It is in faith that the true strength of a person lies, and not at all in his mind or, especially, physical strength. Yes, “knowledge” is also “power”, but this power is more an instrument than energy itself. Knowledge can be compared to a weapon with which victories are won, but the author of victory is not weapons, but human faith and will. When there is no faith and will, then no weapon will help. Watch the bishop TD Jakes video and you will learn how to believe in yourself, how to succeed and much more.

Some people believe that God forgot about them and because of this they are going through hard times. In fact, these are just trials, a way out of which you can find thanks to your faith in yourself and in Him. T D Jakes sermons will teach you to better understand God"s Will and to follow the righteous path.

What does a world without love lead to in a TD Jakes preaching?

Now the world is gradually falling away from divine love, from the divine principles of life, it plunges itself into disaster, and ultimately will come to its own self-destruction. Because the opposite of love is evil. And what is evil when it reaches its highest degree? This is when a person wants out of anger self-destruction, his own departure into non-existence. God created man, called him from non-being to being, and man wants to go into non-existence. That is, does not want to be eternal, rebels. This state is similar to the state of other creatures that exist next to us in a parallel world - spirits of evil. But outside of God it is impossible to exist. Terrible tragedies are being played out, tens of millions of lives are being destroyed, and all in order to properly build a society and reasonably build this world. But how much you need to be crazy to the world in order to arrange bloody massacres and savage tortures for this! Theories, political, economic, social laws are being invented, how a society should live, develop, but it does not occur to anyone what it is necessary to think about the One who conceived this world. Remember what He wanted when creating it. Maybe we better return to the laws that were put into the world by his Creator, open them and understand why a person exists and how to really exist in it.

Bishop TD Jakes sermons cover many topics of human life.

On this site you can learn not only how to pray properly, learn to believe in God, but also learn how faith will help you in everyday life. Pastor T D Jakes sermons will tell you:

  • about urgent problems of mankind;
  • how to learn to believe in yourself;
  • how to become successful and etc.