He Still Wants You - TD Jakes Sunday Sermon

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Saturday, 26 November 2022 12:42

He Still Wants You - TD Jakes Sunday Sermon. Scripture: John 18:25-27; John 21:15-19; Mark 16:6-7 (NIV)

We serve a God who sees our mistakes, our shame, our turmoil, and our pain yet still rushes to embrace us. He sees our disgrace and raises us His grace. He sidesteps our situations and shows us His salvation. The human condition is one of complexity and contradictions, but it cannot separate us from the love of Jesus Christ. When those who walked with Jesus, like Peter, Judas, and Thomas, found themselves overwhelmed with shame, Jesus proved again and again that He still wanted them — flaws and all. God is bigger than everything we’ve been through and He still wants you.

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He Still Wants You - TD Jakes Sunday Sermon
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  • Comment Link REAL TALK Saturday, 26 November 2022 17:06 posted by REAL TALK

    Born again A$$HOLE!!!!!

  • Comment Link REAL TALK Saturday, 26 November 2022 17:05 posted by REAL TALK

    Born again A$$HOLE!!!!!

  • Comment Link Terrell Yvette Pruitt Hall Saturday, 26 November 2022 16:57 posted by Terrell Yvette Pruitt Hall

    Terrell Yvette Hall, born June 9, 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama. Maiden name is Pruitt. Arrested on three misdemeanor charges during early eighties. Two counts of driving without a state license and shoplifting. Also, accused of stealing $36.00 off Cracked Barrel counter while clerk was distracted. Did I, let T.D. Jakes roll the tape. Are these scandals solid enough for you?

  • Comment Link Jargba Weah Monday, 22 March 2021 17:17 posted by Jargba Weah

    Great message.

  • Comment Link Terri Hall Monday, 22 March 2021 15:55 posted by Terri Hall

    He Still Wants You: I really enjoyed the sermon. How would I respond. There is nothing false pretense about this girl. I speak my truth. I have never betrayed my female family members by messing with their men (my aunt can't say the same). I have given my family the shirt off my back and never asked for one nickel back. Why would I not pay someone a measly $1,500.00 when I have given my family financial support over the years. My ex husband can pay my aunt the cheesy $1, 500.00, if her skirt tail were on fire I wouldn't throw a cup of water on her and this is my prerogative on how I feel about it and anyone who does not like it can.... another thing, if that's all my sister in law got that is weak, I need some solid scandal, this is too old and weak. I have move on and forgiven my trashy aunt. If you are ever in Atlanta I can give you all the facts over coffee. Meanwhile, it is stupid to insert yourself in trivial gossip because you are hell bent on needing something against someone to justify your own false pretense mind games over the last few months, so sad, so sad. I don't love what you did but I love you as a person. Whoooooo, I feel a spirit, God is in this room!!

  • Comment Link Sandy glover Monday, 22 March 2021 14:37 posted by Sandy glover

    I can’t get to the message love to hear your sermon I know u are a great man of god

  • Comment Link Herbie Snall Monday, 22 March 2021 14:12 posted by Herbie Snall

    Great sermon, God bless you and thank you! If I had a choice and God said whom would you want to get you ready for your ministry, I would say you! Anytime certain folks see a job, or position for me they sell lies. I can’t defend it! If I had a photo of a red rose, and told you it smelled like a skunk, if you’ve never been in the space with that rose you won’t know The attacks have come from everything my Art, music even my man hood! Just know those people hate me, I don’t have to anything , they just do! It hurts but can I do, I’m alone most of the time! Forgive me if I said anything wrong!

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