T.D. Jakes - Don't Settle - Part 2

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Friday, 11 June 2021 05:56

T.D. Jakes - Sermon: Don't Settle - Part 2. T.D. Jakes continues his sermon, “Don’t Settle,” from the series, Reel It In, focusing on a message of hope and reaching your expected end.

Bishop Jakes continues his focus on Abraham and specifically God’s great promises for his legacy and future generations. To attain these blessings, Abraham’s identity needed an upgrade. He couldn’t be who he was and attain his destiny. He couldn’t be content with where he was at and become a father of many nations.

When God revealed His grand plan for Abraham’s life, there was a change that needed to take place. God renamed him or “rebranded” him, as T.D. Jakes says. Who he was needed to align with where he was going – from a man with no children to a man with a great heritage.

T.D. Jakes urges The Potter’s House that we must rid ourselves of anything that keeps us from being productive. We do not “get right to get saved;” we “get saved to get right.” Our Christian journey is a process, not an immediate end. And, T.D. Jakes reminds us, God is “responsible for the grace.” He wants us to receive the blessings He’s promised.

A change on the inside, however, should reveal itself on the outside. Don’t be confused, conflicted, or divided. You can’t reach your goals and live out your purpose that way. Don’t settle for less than the best God has for you. Hold on to hope and be who you were meant to be.

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T.D. Jakes - Don't Settle - Part 2
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