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Tuesday, 24 May 2022 13:30

T.D. Jakes - Stop Running from Your Purpose

T.D. Jakes - Watch Sermon: Stop Running from Your Purpose. On T.D. Jakes new sermon series, Crushing, T.D. Jakes teaches that God uses your brokenness. Listen as he explains why it's so important to stop running from your purpose, because it will bring you and others closer to God.

T.D. Jakes - Watch Sermon: God is Planting You When it Feels Like Life is Burying You. On T.D. Jakes new sermon series, Crushing, T.D. Jakes teaches that when you feel buried and overwhelmed with life, God is actually planting you and preparing you for more.

Bishop T.D. Jakes - Watch Sermon: How to Reap a Hundredfold Blessing. In times of famine, distress, heartache, and pain, we often ask, “Where is God?” God is still working and still moving in a way that transcends generations, for His plan must come to fruition. When God moves, we ought to move as well because God has a place that’s perfect for us to receive His provision. It may be dead, but God’s so good that He will provide for you even in the midst. Get ready because God is about to prosper you in a way you never saw coming!

T.D. Jakes & Christine Caine - Watch Sermon: You Have a Purpose. T.D. Jakes sits down with Christine Caine for Praise on TBN. The two unpack Bishop T.D. Jake's TBN special edition teaching "Turn Your Dream into Your Destiny," as they discuss that it's NEVER too late for your destiny. TD Jakes encourages, that when God gives you a dream, no matter your upbringing, you must work towards your purpose!

Bishop T.D. Jakes - Watch Sermon: In The Light Of Shadows. When we study the Word, it’s not just to memorize Scripture; it’s to discern the heart of God to learn about His character. As we examine the Old Testament, we discover shadows of God’s promises not yet illuminated. In the shadows, we see how Isaac becomes a willing sacrifice, obedient to death — a powerful foreshadowing of Jesus becoming the Ultimate Sacrifice so we may have life! There are clues throughout the Word revealing the shadow is evidence that His promise is on the way. And if God did it before, He can do it again!

T.D. Jakes - Watch Sermon: God Uses Everything to Remind You of Your Need for Him. On T.D. Jakes new sermon series, Crushing, T.D. Jakes teaches that God is strategic. Listen as he explains how God will use everything that you go through to remind you of your need for Him.

Bishop T.D. Jakes - Watch Sermon: How to Encourage Yourself and Claim Your Own Victory. You have lived this life with pain after pain, trial after trial, and temptation after temptation. But take heart: You are not as alone as you feel. You have a resilience within you that keeps you from despair. You are no longer bound by this world and its problems, no longer bound by your emotions, no longer bound by “friends” who won’t encourage you. You have full permission to encourage yourself, pursue your dreams, and take back what is yours!

T.D. Jakes - Watch Sermon: What Does God Think About Self-Deception?

We’ll only go so far doing things our way. When pride gets in the path of our progress, we find ourselves getting comfortable amid our dysfunction. Like the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-24, who realized he was living beneath himself, God will release an epiphany that proves we can live another way. There’s greater in store for us, but we won’t get there until we decide to get up! It doesn’t matter how far we’ve gotten off track; there’s always more than one way to get back home.

Bishop T.D. Jakes - Watch Sermon: A Second Chance at a Blessing. We need a do-over. When we make massive decisions, we must be ready for unintended consequences, and sometimes those around us can still be angry at us. But God sees our guilt and gives us a second chance to make it right. He did it when He sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross, and He will send it again if we let go of our negative past and accept Jesus’ beautiful future. This is your new beginning!

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