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T. D. Jakes

TD Jakes sermon Sparring Partner online.

Hey, everybody, I'm excited to have the opportunity to share the Word of the Lord with you. The message is important, it is called, "Sparring Partner". It comes out of 2 Corinthians chapter 12, verse 6-10. Everybody has something to...

Bishop TD Jakes (April-21-2019) Today Sunday Sermon


TD Jakes - Sermon: Grounded in Family Merry Chiristmas


Bishop TD Jakes (April-14-2019) Today Sunday Service Live Stream in Potter's House. Good Morning! Thank you for joining us for Sunday morning service!


T.D. Jakes & John K. Jenkins Sr. (April-14-2019) Crushing: God Turns Pressure Into Power


T.D. Jakes (April-13-2019) God Has Made a Way... FOR YOU (Full Series)


Sarah Jakes Roberts (April-12-2019) Sermon: The Hollow Place


Bishop TD Jakes (April-11-2019) Sermon: The Hunger


In this section you will find many sermons of the famous Christian preacher T. D. Jakes. Section update is held every day, so here you can find sermons of T. D. Jakes from 2019 and 2018 years. Welcome.

Sermons of T. D. Jakes inspire

Christian charisma, strong faith and many years of leadership experience have gave pastor Jake an opportunity to become the author of genuine bestsellers in the Christian world. Each of his sermons gives the listener new horizons in the understanding of God's word, every sermon inspires for new accomplishments, revealing the hidden potential.
Have you been in situation, that during the sermon you become bored, it is not interesting, that you do not like this sermon or just does not inspires you. With the preaching of T. D. Jakes, this won't happen. Although he preaches for more than one hour during ministry, all this time the listener is under a positive impression.

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