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Billy Graham (July-12-2019) Sermon: The Power of the Cross. Dr. Graham gives a sermon on the unfathomable power of the cross of Jesus Christ. – Boston 6/1/82.


Billy Graham - Inspirational Video - One of the MOST POWERFUL Videos You’ll Ever Watch. God is unchanging today and forever. God’s love is unchanging. He’ll never love you any less than he does right now. God’s plan of salvation will never change. It is solely through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Repentant sinners are saved by grace through faith.


Billy Graham (June-25-2019) Sermon: Another Road, Another Chance. The classic story of Jonah, the man who got a second chance. Portland 9/25/92.


Billy Graham - True Love. Billy Graham explores the nature of divine love. – St. Louis 11/8/73


Billy Graham - A Desperate Warning of HELL: 3 Types of Hell. The things that we need to consider before the end of our lives. 3 Kinds of Hell: 1. Hell in the Heart 2. Hell Around Us 3. Future Hell


Pastors Judah & Chelsea Smith discuss how often a couple should have SEX.


Amir Tsarfati gives an update on the Gaza crisis LIVE from London.


Army Major Jeff Struecker Tells His Inspiring Story of Survival - Soldier of Christ. U.S. Army Major & Chaplain Jeff Struecker tells his personal story of survival on the battlefield in Mogadishu that inspired the movie Black Hawk Down. He joined the Military to transform the world but after that night he realized that there is only one force great enough to transform the world, Jesus Christ. He challenges us to transform the world th...

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