Christian Testimony 2023

 Vlad Savchuk - Watch Message: Is Gog and Magog in the Bible Actually Russia?
God Just Gave A Warning To The Whole World By Striking The Jesus Statue In Brazil With Lighting.
Watch Allen Parr - This Tony Evans Sermon on Biblical Manhood and Family Changed My Life! I recently went to a family conference and Dr. Tony Evans preached a message that literally changed how I saw my role as a man, husband and father. I took the notes from that…
Watch Allen Parr - CHRISTIANS, This is THE Most Important Thing You Must Know. If there was one thing that every Christian must know about their faith, I cover it in this video. If an atheist could disprove this, they could debunk the entire Christian faith.
Watch Allen Parr - What Does “Women Keep Silent In Church” REALLY Mean? The Bible says that women should stay silent in church. But, what does that really mean? Does that mean that women aren’t able to teach the Bible? Or does it literally mean that women should not speak…
Watch Mike Winger - "I have low self worth and abandonment issues.” I truly hope this advice helps those who feel the same way
Watch Allen Parr - Many Charismatics and Pentecostals Are WRONG On This! If you go into a church service and see this happening, it's time to run the other way and never return. Many (not all) Pentecostal and Charismatic churches not only allow this, but knowingly encourage practices that are…
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Christian Testimony 2023
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