The Encounter Full movie English (2010)

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Monday, 09 March 2015 02:08

The Encounter, is a Christian film released in 2010. It follows 5 strangers living in California: Nick, a former NFL player and owner of a chain of burger restaurants; Hank and Catherine, a married couple whose marriage is falling apart; Melissa, a Christian on the way to visit her boyfriend (who is a non-Christian) and Kayla, a hitchhiker escaping her horrible living conditions in Los Angeles. When a detour road is closed off, the 5 are stranded in a diner with its omnipresent owner, who is revealed to be Jesus Christ, and attempts to help each of the patrons face their troubles and help them seek repentance.

Jesus helps Hank and Catherine resolve their marriage issues, helps Melissa realize she needs to break up with her boyfriend as he is not a believer, and helps Kayla find it in her heart to forgive her abusive stepfather, despite everything he has done.

The Encounter Full movie English (2010)
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