Sermons by Todd White 2022

Todd White (October-27-2019) Sermon: The Baptism of the Holy Ghost and Fire

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Todd White (October-26-2019) The Guitar Testimony .
Todd White (October-20-2019) Sermon: Let the Truth Set You Free
Todd White (October-19-2019) My Testimony Todd White and a few friends went to a basketball game. They represent Christ everywhere they go. God is able, and willing to use any vessel that wants to be bold enough to pray for people. may this encourage you to step out and pray…
Todd White (October-18-2019) Sermon: I'm Not Afraid Anymore.
Todd White (October-18-2019) Short Message: The One Step Program
Todd White (October-17-2019) Sermon:Switzerland (Part 1).
Sermons by Todd White 2022
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