Sermons by Tony Evans 2021 and 2020

Sermons by Tony Evans 2021 and 2020

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God Expects Kingdom Men to Walk in Power - Tony Evans Devotional (May-06-2021)


Tony Evans' Apology to His Son Anthony (May-04-2021). Men, be willing to say, "I'm sorry."


Tony Evans (May-03-2021) Watch Message: Together, We Rise - God Has Big Plans for You, Men. God has big plans for you–bigger than you could ever imagine. Stop settling and instead start living up to your potential as a Kingdom Man. The time is now.


Tony Evans (May-02-2021) Watch Sermon: Men Covered by God. When the rain begins to fall, you’ll find that using an umbrella won’t exactly change the weather; however, it will keep you dry from the downpour if you position yourself beneath it. Tony Evans says that God’s covenant acts the same way: it doesn’t matter if you have it if you’re not using it. Le...

Tony Evans (April-29-2021) Watch Kingdom Leaders Summit 2021 - Session 1

Join us for this two-day virtual event for church leaders, ministry teams, pastors and pastors' wives. Activities include panel discussions, a session for pastors’ wives and in-depth teaching.

Keynote speakers include Dr. Tony Evans (Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fel...

Tony Evans' Inspiring Message From His Father (April-28-2021). Hear the powerful conversation between Tony and his father, Arthur Evans, that inspired chapter 2 of the brand new Kingdom Men Rising book.


Tony Evans (April-27-2021) Watch Message: If Men Don't Show Up, The Culture is in Trouble. Every man has been drafted by God to fulfill a role in His kingdom.

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Do you ever find yourself going around and around searching for meaning and fulfillment in different areas, but never seeming to arrive at an intended location? From the beginning of the world to its end, there is no place you can look and not see Jesus. The most unique person in human history – God in the flesh – deserves the highest place on our priorities. If you want to know your purpose, then get to know the One who knows it best. The closer you get to Jesus, the closer you are to experiencing and fulfilling your destiny.

Pharaoh mistakenly thought that he was in control. However, God put him in the place of being an Egyptian leader for His purpose. God has a purpose for everyone—including those who resist Him. Ultimately God will get the glory no matter the person because He is the Giver of purpose in every life whether they live for Him or not.

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“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose" (Romans 8:28). Hard times can make it difficult to see God’s purpose especially when we only feel pain and grief. Many times we don’t want to be reminded that God is working our difficulty for our good. However if we practice living our lives with the mindset that God is working things out for us, we can have smoother transition of accepting this truth in the hard places.

Dr. Tony Evans Sermons Teaches you to Understand the Bible.

The Bible is a book of purpose. Dr. Tony Evans Sermons is a voice of purpose to many. God’s greater purpose has to always be on the forefront of our minds. Each of us are born with a purpose and calling that we can discover or completely miss. Dr. Tony Evans Sermons Teaches you to Understand your purpose in the Scripture and how to fulfill it. Through Dr. Tony Evans Sermons, many are motivated, have their Health issues resolved and are given a reason to live where life is a burden. With the help of Dr. Tony Evans Study Bible one is able to have an effective Bible studies in a quest to grow Spiritually.

Tony Evans Sermons Online delivers to you every single Sermon, Bible studies, messages, devotions, Online Streaming, live church services and Many more to Strengthen you in your daily activities and to prepared you for tomorrow.

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The influence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers gives us insight to His purposes for us. We find peace and courage when we sense the confirmation of the Spirit that we are in the right place at the right time of our designated calling. The Lord and His purposes are perfect, but we are not. We are assailed by doubts and fears that many times keep us from living out the purposes that He has established for us. However, we can overcome this by consistently reading and studying His word so that our faith will be made stronger day by day. As we learn of God and pray to Him regularly, we become more embolden to accomplish greater purposes in His name. And with the help of Dr. Tony Evans Ministries.