Sunday Service with Tony Evans 2023 in Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

Join Tony Evans' Sunday Service in Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship | Live Stream January-29-2023. This Sunday, Dr. Tony Evans begins The Judgment Seat of Christ summer sermon series with The Purpose of the Judgment from 2 Corinthians 5:10. Please join us in person at 8 or 11 am or on…

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Kingdom Legacy Service with Tony Evans, Priscilla Shirer (March 31 - April 1, 2023). Join world-renowned pastor, speaker and author Dr. Tony Evans along with his family - NY Times bestselling author, speaker and actress Priscilla Shirer, worship leader Anthony Evans, and authors Chrystal Evans Hurst and Jonathan Evans, for…
Watch Christmas Day Sunday Morning Service with Tony Evans - Born to Rule (December-25-2022). Join us this Sunday, December 25, for our special Christmas Day Broadcast, Born to Rule, with our Pastor, Dr. Tony Evans. We encourage you to share this broadcast with your family members and friends and use…
Watch Easter Sunday Service with Tony Evans in Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship (April-17-2022). Join Dr. Tony Evans and special musical guest Keith Staten for a celebration of the Risen King!
Sunday Service with Tony Evans 2023 in Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship


Are you a seeker of God? Do you wish to grow an intimate relationship with God? Do you want to take the path of them who are on a walk of the Spirit with divine truth? God in his own wisdom has brought the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ right to you for live streaming of Sunday services, sermons and teachings by His Servant Pastor Tony Evans. Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas with over 9,500 members manifesting the Glory of God and many receiving blessings and breakthroughs.

The Sunday services of Ork Cliff Bible Fellowship is not restricted to the members of the Church only but as an outcome of the great commission of God and the Good leadership of the Church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church provides as with the opportunity to stream live Sunday services by Tony Evans at our comfort. You can stream live Sunday’s Service by Pastor Tony Evans with your family and friends every Sunday online for free. Pastor Tony Evans today's message is melting the hearts of many and is bring many to the reality of the Son of God. The Sunday morning services at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship has become a voice of God to calling many to the message of the Cross.

Do you Wish to have an encounter with God? Do you seek to have a problem solved? Distance is not a restriction of the blessed hand of God even as God almighty is doing wonders and lifting burdens away. Join Pastor Tony Evans every Sunday for morning service as your day becomes brighter and brighter. Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship is beyond a build. It is a Family with a loving people. Join us online and watch or stream live Sunday services by pastor Tony Evans as we fellowship and worship our God together.


God has not stop reaching out to His Creation. With an open hand, God keeps calling and seeking to dwell in the hearts of men. The scripture says “….for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” Nothing can revoke them. Scripture says God has chosen to speak to us in the last days by His Son meaning, out of the son, the voice of God is not heard. The fact remains that, The son in the person of the Holy Ghost is reaching out and revealing more of the Father in the Church and It is a call to belong to the Body of Christ ( THE CHURCH).

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship is a Church of God and is led by God, bringing many to the message of the Cross. By the power of God, The Sunday services which you can watch or stream live at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship is the voice of God. At Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, the Glory of God is revealed, burdens are lifted off, the grace of God is available to all and for all.

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