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Do You Serve God Out of Desperation or Love? by Gloria Copeland (March 1983). Do you serve God out of desperation or do you serve Him out of love? Do you cry out to Him because you need Him to fix something that’s broken in your life, because you’re hurting or in need or because you love Him, recognize that His is the best way to live, and know that He is worthy of all your praise? Gloria Copeland understands the difference. When she and her husband Kenneth Copeland discovered what the Bible has to say about living righteously and God’s covenant, they were shocked. It revolutionized their lives. They realized that they didn’t have to serve God out of desperation and need because He loved them and had provided so much for them through Jesus Christ. They learned that they could trust God with every aspect of their lives. They could trust that His Word was true, that what He said in the Bible was the ultimate authority and truth. They could trust that Jesus had paid for their sin and their sickness and that through Him they could have a new overcoming, Spirit-led life. Not serving God out of desperation and instead serving God out of love resulted in a much more fulfilled and purposeful life for Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, and they know it will for others too. They have proven this over the last forty years of ministry. Watch this video and learn why it is so much better to serve God out of love rather than desperation.

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Does God Need Me? - Gloria Copeland (March 1983)

Gloria Copeland - Does God Need Me? (March 1983). Does God need me? Have you ever asked yourself that question? A lot of Christians have, and according to Gloria Copeland, the answer is an absolute YES! “He needs you,” Gloria Copeland explains. “He’s got to have you. You’re the backbone of His move that He’s planning and doing in the earth. He’s got to have you. And He’s not going to allow you to just flit away your life on things of this world when the time’s come for Him to use you by His spirit.” Gloria Copeland goes on to explain that God is looking for people who are blameless. She defines the word blameless, or perfect, as “devoted, consecrated, dedicated, loyal and faithful.” But she’s quick to explain that blameless doesn’t mean absolute perfection. “It doesn’t mean you’re so perfect you never make a mistake,” she explains. Mistakes are to be expected. Instead, God wants people who are faithful to Him, who will repent when they do make mistakes and turn back to Him. Moses was a person like that. Moses made mistakes, but he turned back to God and continue to serve Him. And the same goes for you. If you have asked the question, “Does God need me?” know the answer is yes. God does need you. He wants you to be His hands and feet in the world. He needs you and people like you to fulfill His will and show His love to this world. So when the question, Does God need me? comes to mind, remind yourself that He has plans for you (Jeremiah 29:11). Now, watch this video, Does God Need Me?, by Gloria Copeland and learn just how needed you are!

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The Importance of Being Faithful to God by Gloria Copeland (March 1983). Do you know the importance of being faithful to God? Have you determined to be faithful to God in your life, in your work and in your relationships with others? If not, you’re missing out. In this video, Gloria Copeland talks about the importance of being faithful to God.

“God has to have a people that are faithful,” Gloria Copeland explains. “He’s looking for men and women that are faithful. God’s not looking for ability. He’s looking for availability. It doesn’t matter what you are in the natural, how smart you are, how good looking you are, where you come from. The natural realm is no problem to God. He’s got the ability, and He’ll give you His ability. But what He has to do is find someone who will make themselves available to Him. Someone who will be faithful to Him.”

Why is faithfulness so important? God needs men and women who understand the importance of being faithful to Him so that they will do His will in the earth. Take Moses for example. Moses raised his arms to part the waters of the Red Sea. God worked that miracle through Moses, but Moses had to be faithful to God (Exodus 14).

The same is true today. God needs people who understand the importance of being faithful to Him in order to do His work in the earth. He will use those who are faithful to Him to share His love, His miracles, His compassion, His truth and more with the world. So don’t wait to watch this video and hear Gloria Copeland talk about the importance of being faithful to God.

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