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1999 America Prophecies Coming to Pass! | Vaughn Clark - Sid Roth. In this It's Supernatural! Classic episode from 1999: Vaughn Clark is a prophet who has been shown what is going on behind the scenes in America that will shortly change our lives!

Warren Marcus in 1999 Interview with Sid Roth | It's Supernatural! Classics. In this It's Supernatural! Classic episode from 1999: Jerry Falwell convinced Warren Marcus' father to believe in Jesus!

Sid: jerry falwell convinced this jewish man's father to believe in Jesus! Next on this edition of "it's supernatural!" Life after death experiences and angelic communications are on the increase. Terminally ill patients whom doctors have given no hope are unexplainably cured. People are being mysteriously protected from natural disasters. Sid roth, your investigative reporter, examines this invisible world on "it's supernatural!" Sid: hello, I'm sid roth, your investigative reporter. My guest, warren marcus, has produced the highest rated religious television special in history. You know, it says in the Bible "the jew requires a sign", but warren marcus, this is so hard to believe. You were in toronto, canada, and you saw one of the greatest miracles I've ever heard of. Tell me about that. Warren: we were just filming a regular conference.