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Bill Johnson (October-21-2019) Sermon: Pray Always... Even for the "Obvious" (2 Samuel 5). Bill speaks about King David’s willingness to pray about everything – even things that seemed obvious. 2 Samuel 5 describes two battles between Israel and the Philistines. In the first battle David attacked directly. In the second, which looked just like the first, the Lord gave him different instructions – because he took the time to ask! This is an important life lesson for all of us. Quote: “I hate to admit it - but I just see so many times where I have an automatic response to certain things where I don't consult the Lord for direction. I just assume I know it. That actually is really similar to operating out of a religious spirit because it helps us revert to principles instead of presence. It causes us to revert to what we've memorized either out of our history or out of Scripture memorized and we act accordingly. When I'm ministering to the sick I know when I'm laying hands on people and I'm praying for somebody that has some disease then one of the worst things I can do is just pray automatically the way I've prayed with another case that the Lord blessed. It's really a big deal that I stop and get a sense of the presence and look for his direction.”