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Joseph Prince - Sermon: Be Conscious You're On Favor Ground. The redemptive work of Jesus Christ has placed you on the unshakable ground of God's wonderful grace! Join Joseph Prince in this powerful message as he shows you why you are not called to Mount Sinai, which represents the law that demands and condemns, but Mount Zion, which represents His amazing grace that supplies and saves! Build every area of your life on unshakable Mount Zion where God's limitless favor and blessings abound. Be conscious every day that you are on favor ground wherever you go, and be secure, stable and unshakable in these volatile times!

Joseph Prince - Blessed Sunday Sermon: Tongues — The Key To A Spirit-Led Life. Want to live stronger, healthier and wiser? Well, you can! In this anointed message, Joseph Prince shows you how you can live just such a victorious life, at peace with God and yourself. The key is the tremendous God-given gift of tongues. Through it, you allow the Holy Spirit to move more powerfully in your life, equipping and enabling you, helping you discern even between life and death. So listen and lock onto this incredible gift today. You will see your powerful Helper assist you in praying perfect prayers, and the wonderful works of God — constant wholeness, wisdom and perfect peace — manifest in your life!

Joseph Prince (12 Feb 2012) Jesus—The End Of Your Struggles. Do you find yourself doing what you don't want to do, and not doing what you want to do? Apostle Paul had this struggle too, but he finally found the answer. It doesn't lie in a "what" but "who"—Jesus! Join Joseph Prince as he delivers a powerful message on how your struggles finally end only when you come to the end of yourself and humbly receive Jesus as your true identity. Learn what your "flesh" is and what being "in Christ" means. Let Jesus Himself set you free and end your struggles as you discover who you really are in Him!

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Joseph Prince (05 Feb 2012) Rest And Receive At Jesus' Feet. Come boldly to Jesus, rest at His feet and receive all that you need today! Joseph Prince shows you how you can receive effortlessly when you seek Jesus Himself instead of just His blessings. Learn from the Old Testament love story of Ruth and Boaz the power of resting at Jesus' feet and allowing Him to deal with your problem. When you rest, He works—and He will not stop until He has resolved your matter! Be encouraged as you see His love and care for you, and His willingness to protect you, provide for you and redeem you out of all your troubles!

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Joseph Prince (15-January-2012) Ministers And Leads In Free-flow Worship

Joseph Prince (08 Jan 2012) Meditate for Good Success. What's the Bible's secret to experiencing good success in every facet of life? Let Joseph Prince show you how meditating day and night on God's Word is the key to thriving, flourishing and seeing the blessing of God in all that we set our hands to do. Discover also how biblical meditation offers life-giving benefits you won't want to miss out on! Begin to walk in greater health, peace, stability and unceasing fruitfulness as you meditate on the Lord's wonderful promises for you today!

Joseph Prince (01 Jan 2012) Sermon: The Year Of Unceasing Fruitfulness. What are your hopes and dreams for 2012? Don't let pessimistic reports discourage or put fear in you. Based on God's Word, you can believe that you'll have a fantastic year! In his first message of 2012, Joseph Prince delivers God's word for this year—unceasing fruitfulness. Discover God's promise of how you can thrive and experience increase even in times of economic drought. What's the key to being fruitful, youthful and healthy, and prospering in all that you do? Get the answer in this powerful message. Let 2012 be the best year you've ever had!

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Pelvic Cancer Healing - TB Joshua

TB Joshua - Pelvic Cancer Healing 2012. Prophet T.B. Joshua says, "Divine healing is the supernatural power of God bringing health to the human body." Here is a clip from the early ministry of T.B. Joshua showing the powerful healing testimony of a lady plagued by a terrible cancerous wound on her pelvic region. Glorify God as you witness her wonderful healing!